Local Radio Finder

Local Radio Finder$0.99 from Notice Software Local Radio Finder

Uses a database of US radio stations and iPhone location services to provide a list of radio stations and the estimated power at your current location.

The perfect utility for people who travel, spend time in rental cars, or are taking a road trip. Format’s are included so you can easily find the type of station you’re looking for.

– “Offline” access included, perfect for a road trip where you are in the middle of nowhere and don’t have an internet connection but still want to listen to NPR or any favorite radio type (iPhone must still be able to determine location)
– Format and homepage for most stations
– Format filter for popular station types
– Exact antenna location links to Google Maps.

NOTE: You cannot listen to radio stations using this application.

Does not take into account geography or man-made obstacles. US stations only included in this package. Other localities to come.

Pre or post sales questions can be directed to support@noticesoftware.com.

Local Radio FinderLocal Radio FinderLocal Radio Finder

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