SandScapes$1.99 from Amoph Technologies Inc. SandScapes

Relax and enjoy some time building your own unique pieces of art out of digital grains of sand. Tilt and turn your iPhone or iPod Touch to move the falling sand to different parts of the screen. Build up your sandscape into a wonderful piece of art in motion.

– Variety of sand color schemes
– Ability to set the gravity and velocity
– Set custom background colors
– Tap the screen to change color and location of falling sand
– Shake to clear the screen
– Auto-clearing once the screen gets full
– Works in both portrait and landscape modes

Have a feature request? Please contact us by way of the Feedback form on our website, or by E-mail.


SandScapes Gravity, Magnet & River
Sandscapes Vortex, App Name: SandGravity SandMagnet SandRiver. Developer: Amoph Technologies Inc. Version: 1.0. Publisher: Amoph Technologies Inc. Size: 377-403 KB. Category: Entertainment

Sandscapes Lite
Another particle/sand simulator. This one looks like it performs pretty well though — at least, from the minuscule demo they provide, anyway. It reacts to gravity and seems capable of handling quite a lot of particles while maintaining


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