Squiggles$4.99 from Squires Studios, Inc. Squiggles

Valentine version now available!
Create and send your own customized Valentine’s Day cards from your iPhone.

The latest version of Squiggles includes a number of special Valentine images that can be layered on personal photos on the iPhone. Combining these with Valentine image paint brushes makes it easy to create a unique personalized photo gift.

Valentine images (hearts, chocolates, balloons, bubbles, Love You text, heart glasses) can be overlaid on any photo. You can paint with special heart brushes. See images below and website for examples.

Actual reviews from real users:

Decent Paint App. One of the good ones.
Packed full of features that more expensize apps don’t have and you can draw accurately on it.
One of the best paint programs for iPhone and its an absolute steal for the price.
There are much worse for alot more.

Got rid of 3 apps when I found this one
Well thought out… I can draw, futz w/photos, filter,clone, do cartoon captions, add text.
The offset finger cursor is really clever and handy. Love all the tool options such as opacity and paint
smoothing. Nice that layers stay editable. Be sure and go to the website, lots of info and things you can do that aren’t
obvious at first. Works in silly or serious mode! Feels like the developer actually uses the app.

Squiggles is a paint and image program specifically designed for the iPhone. Whether you need to make a sketch to get your ideas down, have fun with your photos, flex your artistic side or just plain doodle while waiting in line, Squiggles is ready. Paint on provided backgrounds, any photos on your iPhone or take photos in Squiggles and add notations or enhancements.

Check the demo video on the website.
Squiggles comes with hard, soft and specialty brushes.
Undo. Erase on Shake.
Adjust opacity for painting tints. 6 painting modes.
-Full spectrum of colors to chose from. 12 user defined quick colors.
-Cursor combined with finger offset allows precise painting.
-Paint smoothing – Smooths your paint strokes automatically
Also includes Smart Tools to make your hand drawn lines straight and your circles smooth.
-Erase tool restores to original background.
-Clone tool for copying one area of the image to another.
-Stamps – Selection of provided color brush images that can be used for painting enhancements. (Pixie dust, butterflies, etc)
-Overlays – Selection of provided images that can be layered on top of your photos and paint. These can be moved, resized and rotated. (Hats, glasses, shapes, beards, etc)
-Text – Short phrases that can be typed in with different fonts. These can be moved, scaled and rotated interactively.
-Filters: Interactively adjust brightness and contrast.
Includes most of the PhotoBooth style of distortion, including interactive twirl.

If you have a problem please send an email to squigglessupport@gmail.com so we can make sure to address your problems. Apple doesn’t forward reviews from other countries so a full bug report is better than a review. Thanks.

A couple of people had trouble installing or updating Squiggles. Just delete Squiggles and re-download (if necessary, it’s free) and re-install.

If you have any issues check the trouble shooting page on the website.


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