iBeam$0.99 from Razix Software iBeam

iBeam allows you to instantly “beam” (send) contact information and photos directly to another iPhone over wifi, to any other device via email, or use a barcode to optically transfer contact information. iBeam fills the need of many iPhone users by allowing them to instantly “Beam” contact information or photos directly to each other. Currently iPhone users have to type in or write down contact info and it can be frustrating. Other smart phones have had “beaming” ability for years and until now it was lacking on the iPhone.

iBeam now has 3 methods of sending contact information.

1st – Beam Contact (iPhone to iPhone over wifi.)
This will require both iPhones to have iBeam installed and both iPhones will need to be connected to the same wifi network. This will allow for direct instant transfer of contacts and photos between the 2 iPhones.

2nd – Email Contact (using vCard)
This method converts your contact information into a vCard and allows you to email it to anyone on any device with an email. It does not require you to be on the same network, nor the receiver to own an iPhone. If you do email a vCard to another iPhone, they will be able to open it and add it to their contacts.

3rd – Barcode (Optical Beaming)
This new method allows you to transfer contact information optically using the iPhone’s camera. This method requires that both users have iPhones. The sender displays a barcode and the receiver would take a picture of the barcode and it will be converted and saved into your contacts.

iBeam is great for quickly sharing contact information with business professionals or a new friend.

iBeam settings allows you to turn off certain information from being “beamed”. You can prevent certain types of contact information such as “Home, Work, Mobile, Photo, etc” from being sent.

More useful features are currently planned for iBeam and we welcome any feedback from the community to improve the software.

Additional information can be found at http://www.razix.com/ibeam.htm



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