HT Professional Recorder

HT Professional Recorder$5.99 from Applied Voices LLC HT Professional Recorder

This is a professional quality voice capture system. It is intended for people who need to record conversations clearly, even when the people speaking are located several feet away from the phone. Ideal for business meetings, college lectures, and conferences. Bookmarking feature makes it easy to remember important moments. Overwrite capability permits correction of dictation.

This is the recorder to get if you care how things sound when recorded at a distance. Signal processing algorithms capture conversations throughout a room, recording both near and distant voices clearly.

– New overwrite capability permits correction of dictation.
– WiFi file transfer to any computer via simple web browser interface, or via FTP. For added privacy, web server runs on the iPhone itself, not on the developer’s web site, so that files transfer directly from your phone to your computer.
– Exceptional sound quality for conversations >4 feet from the phone
– New: Version 2.2 provides .WAV format uploads for easy import to iTunes.
– Ability to select microphone gain sensitivity
– Repeat mode
– Append to any recording to keep ‘TODO’ lists in one place
– Audio bookmarking lets you skip to important segments in an instant.
– Speed-up, slow-down, and jump to next/previous bookmark for quick review of notes.
– Auto Record option starts recording when program launches.

HappyTalk Professional Recorder v2.2 stores recordings in .WAV format, which can be played on a PC or MAC via iTunes. Earlier versions record in .CAF format, which can be played on PC or MAC using the free Quicktime player available from Apple.

NOTE: iPod Touch 2nd Generation requires external earbud microphone. iPhone will not record during cellular phone calls.

HT Professional RecorderHT Professional RecorderHT Professional RecorderHT Professional Recorder

iPhoneをICレコーダーにするためのアプリ/Happy Talkレコーダー
Happy Talkレコーダー(700円). あれ?いきなりですが値段下がってる、、、、。私が買ったときは1200円だったような、、、、。 がっくり、、、、。 App Storeのアプリはちょこちょこ値段が変わるので要注意。だけど、まぁ1200円でも惜しく

iPhone audio recording apps in the App Store
There are a bunch of audio recording applications in the App Store suitable for different purposes. Recording marketing list, conference minutes, interviews, classroom lectures, and creating music tracks can be some of the reasons you


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