PowerNap: Forty Winks Anywhere

PowerNap: Forty Winks Anywhere$1.99 from Elegant Technologies, LLC PowerNap: Forty Winks Anywhere

#1 App for Naps


Take a Two-Tap Nap.

I designed the PowerNap alarm clock specifically to let you take short naps while away from home. In the library, for example, I don’t want to bother my fellow readers by needlessly setting off an alarm when a simple vibration may have been adequate, so PowerNap vibrates for 25 seconds before sounding an audible alarm. While waiting in the VIP lounge at the airport, you don’t want to accidently have the wrong AM or PM setting, so PowerNap limits your times from between one and 60 minutes. Lastly, you don’t want to miss the alarm because of a muted phone, so PowerNap provides a “Test Alarm” button for testing volume. An optional “Silent Mode” for sleeping in the forbidden zones, like class. It’s great while waiting for class, while waiting for a plane, or while just resting your eyes before the next big thing. PowerNap lets you catch 40 winks anywhere.

– Meeting Mode: No Audible Alarm
– Choose your own background – several custom backgrounds for serene sleeping
– Contact the developer for support

Other Known Uses: meeting timer, lights-out timer, exercise timer


Just So You Know for iPod touch users:
* It will not vibrate (of course) if your device doesn’t have vibrate hardware.
* You can hear the alarm through headphones, but will otherwise only hear the system ‘click’ because of the lack of a built-in speaker hardware. Some people have reported problems hearing the alarm when docked with speakers.
* You can only hear the system ‘click’ if you still have the appropriate system sounds set to ‘on’.

PowerNap: Forty Winks AnywherePowerNap: Forty Winks AnywherePowerNap: Forty Winks AnywherePowerNap: Forty Winks AnywherePowerNap: Forty Winks Anywhere


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