Search2GO for Salesforce CRM

Search2GO for Salesforce CRM$9.99 from Model Metrics, LLC Search2GO for Salesforce CRM

Search2GO is a robust and fast search tool for that does not require a mobile license. It lets users search Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities in Salesforce CRM and view record details.

Directly from your iPhone’s search results, dial a phone number, send an email, map an address, or lookup account news. Works with all Salesforce currencies and languages.

It is a read-only search tool and can be purchased by an individual Salesforce CRM user and works on all Salesforce versions except Group and Personal.

Search2GO is designed to return results quickly from Salesforce. As such, searches are limited to 4 standard objects. Currently does not include custom fields or objects.

Search2GO for Salesforce CRMSearch2GO for Salesforce CRMSearch2GO for Salesforce CRMSearch2GO for Salesforce CRMSearch2GO for Salesforce CRM

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