iQuran$0.00 from Guided Ways Technologies Ltd iQuran

NOTE: Please Contact Us if you can read and write any of these: Thai, Korean

NOTE: If you’re experiencing difficulty in installing iQuran, please upgrade to firmware 2.1

iQuran offers its users the Complete Quran in Arabic along with its various translations. Richly featured and fully interactive! Specially designed to allow easy reading with easy scrolling, iPhone style. With excellent built-in audio capabilities, iQuran utilizes these to provide a very satisfying recitation playback experience, excellent navigation and fast scrolling support with verse for verse recitation along with auto-scrolling and verse highlighting.

Full Quran with Translation
Read the Noble Quran (Koran/Coran) from the palm of your hands on the new iPhone and iPod Touch. The software provides Arabic verses alongside numerous selectable translations:

* English Translation by Shakir
* Other Translations in Pro: Mohsin Khan, Yusuf Ali (Eng), Pickthal (Eng), Shakir (Eng), Mohammad Asad (Eng), Transliteration (Eng), French, German, Indonesian, Melayu, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Bosnian

Innovative Index Screen
A fully interactive index screen with multiple columns giving you all the information you need.

Themes Support
Two themes currently available to select from – change the way iQuran looks and feels.

Listen to your favorite reciter with verse by verse recitation of the surah you wish to hear. With the unique follow-up feature, iQuran scrolls the screen automatically whilst you read and hear the Quran being reciter to you. Currently supported reciters (along with the maximum space required if all surahs for that particular reciter are downloaded):

* Sheikh Husary (~417 MB)

Repeat Bubbles
In recitation mode you have the ability to:

* Move to the next Surah when recitation ends for a surah
* Repeat the same Surah
* Repeat each Ayah from 1 to 5 times (and now infinity times) before moving to the next (very helpful for those who wish to memorize a surah)

Bookmarks and Notes
Don’t want to lose the last verse you were reading? Or would like to place a marker for later reading? Use the Bookmarks feature to manage those favourite ayahs (verses). To add/delete a bookmark, simply tap and hold on an ayah.

Audio Bookmark
The bookmark view has a special bookmark at the top of the screen called an Audio Bookmark. This will remind you of the last ayah that was played back in a particular surah.

Easy Scrolling
With the all-in-one display, read the Quran while you scroll from ayah to ayah with a single drag. If a translation is selected, this will be displayed right after the corresponding Arabic text.

Fast Scrolling to a Verse
Although scrolling is good, it can become tiresome where the chapter is long or when you want to go to a particular ayah directly. Use the side bar and swipe your finger from top to bottom, and vice versa, to go to a verse quickly. This technique has been named Fast Scrolling

Quick Ayah Scrolling
In non-recital mode, tapping once on the ayah column (the fast scroll column) will scroll and make the next ayah visible.

Search and Searchmarks
Search through the Quran for any word using powerful search syntax.



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