iStellar$8.99 from AstroArts Inc. iStellar

iStellar is a planetarium App that shows the starry sky seen from the place and time of your choice. It is optimized for Multi-Touch control, allowing you to operate intuitively; drag to move the star chart, pinch to zoom in and out, and so on.
The star chart can be rotated from portrait to landscape, and you can even fix the location via GPS (only for iPhone 3G).

– Over 16,000 star data, with name for 254 stars
– Twinkles like actual stars
– Displays the Sun, daylight, twilight, the Moon (with shape and phase), 8 planets, Pluto
– Shows name, line and picture for all constellations
– Milky Way with real tone
– Plots Messier objects and their names
– Adjustable moonlight and light polution
– Landscape and azimuth/direction grid
– Beautiful animation

– Displays comets with accurate position and magnitude. Data can be downloaded whenever available
– Shows Meteor Shower Radiants
– Object Search function
– 7 degree circle can be displayed, functional for binocular users
– Simulates atmospheric distortion at low sky


<Windows Software> ■「FusenLauncher Ver0.88」公開(フリーソフト紹介ページさん) 付箋紙+ランチャ ■「USBメモリのセキュリティ Ver.1.1.2」公開(KASHUさん) 使いやすさを追求したUSBメモリのスタンダードなセキュリティツール

<Windows Software> ■「tsRenamer ver=0.10」公開(_Tmpbuf_さん) シンプルなリネーマー ■「D-Manager 1.34」公開(さくら工房さん) DVDやCD-Rなどバックアップしたファイルを管理するためのツール ■「Pandora Recovery ver.2.1.1 – 日本語言語


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