SignalScope$24.99 from Faber Acoustical SignalScope

SignalScope turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a powerful real-time spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope. Easily measure audible frequencies in SignalScope’s Spectrum tab. Capture a balloon pop with single-shot triggering in the Waveform tab. “Touch” your data with highly interactive, multi-touch enabled analyzer displays.

NOTE: The frequency response of the iPhone’s built-in and headset microphones is quite flat. However, the built-in microphone of the original iPhone seems to be routed through a codec, which limits the sample rate to 8 kHz and significantly affects the frequency response. Those interested in further discussion regarding iPhone microphones are invited to visit the forums at

NOTE: iPod touch devices require additional external hardware to get audio signals into SignalScope.

Check out video demos at

– Analyze signals coming from the iPhone’s built-in or headset microphone, or from the built-in accelerometer.
– Sample the built-in or headset microphone at 48 kHz, and the accelerometer at 100 Hz (the built-in microphone sample rate is limited to 8 kHz on first-generation iPhones).
– Zoom in or out on spectrum and waveform displays with two-finger expand/pinch gestures, even while the analyzer is running.
– Pan vertically or horizontally in zoomed displays with two-finger scrolling.
– Pinpoint individual sample values or frequencies with a cursor.
– Save high-resolution spectrum or waveform display images to the iPhone’s Camera Roll photo album.



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