Ultimate Todos

February 11, 2009

Ultimate Todos$0.99 from MMDESOFT Ultimate Todos

*** NOW $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ***

Ultimate Todos is a powerful and elegant to do application to quickly organize and effectively manage your daily tasks and time. Unlike other task management/ToDo applications, Ultimate Todos is simple to use and offers an exceptionally rich set of features.

Visit our web page for more information about Ultimate Todos.

– Toodledo synchronization
– Innovative and easy access to your todo items
– Sort and group your todo items by their importance, schedules, priority, statuses, contexts or tags
– Contexts
– Tags
– Projects/folders
– Voice notes
– Reference contacts and integration with iPhone contacts
– Due date and due time support
– Custom icons for tags and contexts
– Flags – one touch task marking
– One touch task completion
– Home screen badge number
– Excellent customer support

Ultimate TodosUltimate TodosUltimate TodosUltimate TodosUltimate Todos

090419 진눈깨비 어플 리스트
2009년 4월 19일. 419 의거일 입니다. 저는 나이들어 겨우겨우 운전면허 시험을 통과했네요.^^; 한주를 마무리 하면서 진눈깨비 어플 리스트를 정리하겠습니다. 아참, 아이폰/터치에 설치할 수 있는 어플은 모두 148개 입니다.

A (Nearly) Free Control Panel for My Life
Some of the material in this post was inspired by several different posts in Lifehacker.com, primarily this post. So “they” tell you, or your boss tells you, or your malpractice carrier tells you, or you tell yourself that you need to

090322 진눈깨비 어플리스트
2009년 3월 두번째 시간입니다. 어플들을 너무 많이 설치하다 보니 또 꼬였습니다. 그리고 설치할 어플들이 많으면 아이튠즈에서 임의로 어플들을 삭제하는 듯 합니다. 그래서 폭탄을 좀 맞았는데, 오늘 정리를 하면서 필요한 어플들을 다시 설치했습니다

2009-03 사용중인 iPod Touch 어플 정리
iPod Touch를 구입해서 사용한 지도 어느덧 4개월이 되어간다. 그동안 많은 어플들을 설치하고 지워왔는데, 아직까지 남아있는 어플들은 다른 사람에게도 추천해도 될 것 같아 정리해보는 포스팅. 아직 유료 결제한 어플은 없고 모두 무료로 받은 어플

090221 진눈깨비 터치 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? Accountr [유료][리뷰]- 금전관리 프로그램, 구글 독스 Docs 스프래드쉬트 파일(엑셀)로 백업할 수 있다. BlogWriterLite- 블로그 입력/수정 툴.

090207 진눈깨비 터치 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? 지난 주와 달라진건 없습니다. Bookmarks [리뷰]- 북마크 공유 서비스인 딜리셔스 Delicious.com 의 북마크를 가져와 저장합니다. 오프라인으로도 볼수 있구요.

아이팟 터치로 할 일 관리를 척척! Uitimate Todos – 서론(GTD 배경)
군 복무시 있었던 일이다. 당시 본무근무대 행정병은 일을 잘 해서 간부들에게 칭찬을 많이 받았었다. 나와도 친했던 이 고참은 나보다 한 살 많은 형이었는데, 언젠가 나에게 이런 얘기를 해줬다. 자신의 사수의 사수가 일처리를 굉장히 잘 해서 칭찬이

Ultimate Todos に決めたかも!? iPhoneのToDo管理アプリ
私がiPhoneのToDo管理アプリに求めるもの。 機能がシンプルであること; さくさく動作すること; 期日の設定ができること; タグやコンテキストが自由に設定できること; webと連携できること※できない場合は全くできなくてよい。変に独自のシステムとの連携

ToodledoとsyncするToDoアプリ/Ultimate ToDos
Ultimate ToDos(期間限定無料中). ToDo管理の代表といえばToodledoかRemember the milkか、というところですが、iPhoneと同期できるアプリがたくさんでているのはToodledoのほう。個人的にはRememberTheMilkの方がすきなんですが、ToDo管理をしている人

iPhone: 功能齊備的記事軟件
Free App: Ultimate Todos. 25 Jan: $4.99 –> Free (LIMITED TIME OFFER). App Store 有好多依類ToDo 嘅軟件,不過好多都係得個樣,你想記多少少事就會叫你比錢Upgrade 做Full Version. 不過大家Download 咗依個之後,就唔使再去搵其他嘅ToDo 軟件嘞,



February 11, 2009

Altimeter$0.99 from Studio Six Digital Altimeter

Altimeter puts the GPS capabilities of your iPhone to use as a handy altimeter. See your current altitude, set the base altitude before you begin a climb, run, hike, or bike ride, and then check again at the peak to see how far you have climbed. You don’t have to have your iPhone on all the time, just turn it on whenever you want to check your progress. Altimeter remembers your starting altitude even when your phone is off.

NEW*** Greatly improved GPS tracking, accuracy, status reporting.

NEW*** Now calculates your climb rate in ft/min or m/min.

This version now also keeps track of your starting and ending time, and shows the elapsed time as well as the change in elevation. Great for comparing your times to complete your favorite hike!

A great tool, but of course it’s only as accurate as the GPS readings that you are getting. It works best with clear views of the open sky, and won’t work on devices that don’t have full GPS hardware, like the iPod iTouch. Altimeter uses the iPhone GPS hardware fully, but often you may need a little patience while the hardware acquires the satellite signal. As with other iPhone GPS apps, it usually takes between 30 seconds and a minute to get a ‘lock’ on a satellite if you are in an area with a direct line to the sky (away from tall buildings and trees for best results).

Note that the little gear activity indicator does not run all the time, it only turns when a new altitude reading is received.

The civilian GPS system limits accuracy to about 50 feet, and does not provide altitude readings above 50,000 feet, but in our field tests we find that even small changes in actual elevation are reflected in the received data. So, as you ride or walk up and down hills, with good atmospheric conditions, you will get good information about your change in altitude.

NOTE: Only the iPhone 3G has actual GPS hardware, so that is the only device that Altimeter will work on. It will not work on an iPod Touch. However, even if you have no cell phone service Altimeter will still work, as long as the device has a clear view of the GPS satellites.


Patient Tracker

February 11, 2009

Patient Tracker$9.99 from MarketWall.com Patient Tracker

Designed by a doctor at a level 1 trauma center, Patient Tracker helps you track information about your patients.

Store history & physical (H&P) and notes for each patient. You won’t have to carry around index cards anymore, and dictation will be a breeze.

Includes standard answers for allergies, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, illicit drug history, pulmonary, cardiovascular, abdomen, neuro, HEENT, vitals, neck, and more. Quickly select standard answers by tapping instead of typing.

Includes shorthand symbols for CHEM-7 and CBC.

Perfect for doctors, medical students, nurses, and anybody else involved in patient care.

Try our other popular medical apps:

Patient Tracker is for storing data about patients you are actively following in the hospital. Your list will typically have fewer than 15 patients so you can quickly tap the one you want. Usually, you will delete a patient from the list when their hospital course is complete. Patient Tracker is for personal reference and isn’t an EMR app.

All fields are optional. Enter as little or as much data about each patient as you want. Whatever makes your life easier!

In order to comply with HIPAA, you should set a passcode on your iPhone and set the passcode to be required immediately.

To set a passcode, open the “Settings” app, tap “General”, and tap “Passcode Lock”.

Patient TrackerPatient TrackerPatient TrackerPatient TrackerPatient Tracker

SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)

February 11, 2009

SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)$0.00 from Left Coast Logic SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)

Finally, a Calendar with a Brain.

SmartTime uses advanced logic to organize and prioritize tasks, deadlines and appointments into a simple day view.

This Free version introduces you to the unique features that propelled SmartTime to the top of the charts for task management applications on the  iPhone:

– Looks at your appointments, then schedules time for your tasks.
– Combines tasks and appointments into one view.
– Allows you to see how many tasks you can accomplish today. And tomorrow.
– Move tasks with your fingertips and watch the fun as SmartTime re-organizes everything else in response.


– Backup and Restore Data and User Settings
– Synchronize with Google Calendar (Beta)
– Create Projects and map each to a different Google Calendar
– Share Tasks & Appointments with friends via Email
– Integrated with Google Maps and GPS
– One-tap Phone calling from a SmartTime item
– Advanced Filtering
– Landscape Week view
– Time Jumper to go quickly to specific dates

ONLY IN FULL VERSION 3.0 (coming end March):

– Week View with “Time Finder” to quickly see allocated time
– Month View with “Live Balance” shading to view time usage intuitively

SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)

Thought this might interest some. I think it’s got a lot of potential: Product homepage: http://www.leftcoastlogic.com/ Appstore link: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M…290995843&mt=8 There’s a free version also.

Forum Review: SmartTime for the iPhone
Smarttime Forum Review by msbaylor (see forum post for video highlight!) For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum! The SmartTime application is a simple yet complex to-do application. When creating a task/event,

Stomp It

February 11, 2009

Stomp It$0.99 from Y Lau Stomp It


Did some people say iPhone can’t detect how hard you tap on its touch-screen? Stomp It is here to prove them wrong with its new “Tapping Force Sensing” feature!

You’ll get low volume sound effect when you tap lightly with Stomp It and you’ll get loud sound effect when you tap hard enough.

(## please see note below for more info)


With “Stomp It” you can now make stomping noise around using your iPhone or iPod touch.

“Stomp” (i.e. Tap) on the item images and Stomp It produces Exaggerated Sound Effects like water pipe, oil barrel, wire fence, push broom, wooden stick, glass bottle or garbage bin lid.

You can now even “stomp” lightly on the oil barrel or wire fence to produce light sound and “stomp” harder to produce a loud noise.

What’s more, you can even flick your iPhone to make Thunder Sound!

Play as a solo “Stomper” or jam with your friends to form a virtual “Stomp Band”. A must have for STOMP fans!

Stomp It is also an excellent “Stress Relief” and “Anger Management” tool!

Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to an Hi-Fi or speaker system to experience the ultimate fun!


1) Eight Exaggerated Sound Effects including water pipe, oil barrel, wire fence, push broom, wooden stick, garbage bin lid, Thunder and glass bottle! (NEW).

2) Tapping Force Sensing## – Stomp It can detect whether you “stomp” softly or hardly on some items and produce either a light or loud sound effect accordingly.

3) Multi-Touch enabled – “stomp” on several items to produce different sound effects at the same time.

4) Interactive Graphics – watch, for example, the oil barrel jumping up and down as you “stomp” on it.

5) Thunder and Lightning in your palm – flick your iPhone to generate exaggerated thunder sound!

## TAPPING FORCE SENSING – “Tapping Force Sensing” requires iPhone or iPod touch being held on non-rigid surface (e.g. on cushion or held gently on hand). Currently available at TWO force and sound levels. Currently available on items “oil barrel”, “basket ball” and “wire fence”.

### 1st generation iPod touch requires headphone or external speakers.

Stomp ItStomp ItStomp It

Camera Suite

February 11, 2009

Camera Suite$1.99 from NaughtyNuts Camera Suite

Wanna take group photo? Wanna take self-portrait? Wanna avoid taking shaky photo? Wanna clean camera view port and full screen button? Wanna take picture in low light situation? Review photo in different resolutions? Taking Time-lapsed photos and review the animation sequence?

Camera Self-Timer is your answer.

1. Display viewport in full screen and press the trigger anywhere.
2. Adjustable antishake sensitivity to take clear photos.
3. Choose predefined timers or set your own timer.
4. Choose sounds or localized voices to alert the countdown.
5. Different localized languages.
6. Take Time-lapsed pictures to record sequence of motions.
7. Can preview picture taken, save you time to delete unwanted photos.
8. Leveling gauge and different grids to help composition.
9. Review and playback photo sequence in camera roll
10. Merge photos to create multi-motions picture.
11. Tutorial to help you make a quick stand to hold the iPhone out of a banknote! (see sample picture)
12. Save photos in different sizes.
13. Date/time stamp of different formats
14. Choose the user preferred camera skins.

Please send us email of your comments. We are working on new version with enhanced features and thus your comments are very important.

Language displayed in English, Spanish, Simplified/ Traditional Chinese, Japanese and French.

Camera SuiteCamera SuiteCamera SuiteCamera SuiteCamera Suite


February 11, 2009

Carticipate$0.00 from Carticipate, Inc. Carticipate

Save money on gas while helping the environment by carticipating with friends, family, groups, or co-workers. Coordinate driving plans, carpool, or a ride share by indicating where you are going, when, and post your ride. We will match you to local carticipants going your way.

Carticipate is also available on Facebook, for those friends of yours unfortunate enough not to have an iPhone and want to rideshare:

The scheduler allows you to create and manage multiple trips where you define the “From” and “To” locations.

Carticipate comes with a list of pre-loaded example destinations which you can edit, delete, or add for your own custom locations.

Special note to international carticipators: When entering your phone number in your profile, we suggest to precede your number with a “+” and your country code.

If you like to suggest any new features, our developer team would love to hear from you. Go ahead and email us at features@carticipate.com