Camera Suite

Camera Suite$1.99 from NaughtyNuts Camera Suite

Wanna take group photo? Wanna take self-portrait? Wanna avoid taking shaky photo? Wanna clean camera view port and full screen button? Wanna take picture in low light situation? Review photo in different resolutions? Taking Time-lapsed photos and review the animation sequence?

Camera Self-Timer is your answer.

1. Display viewport in full screen and press the trigger anywhere.
2. Adjustable antishake sensitivity to take clear photos.
3. Choose predefined timers or set your own timer.
4. Choose sounds or localized voices to alert the countdown.
5. Different localized languages.
6. Take Time-lapsed pictures to record sequence of motions.
7. Can preview picture taken, save you time to delete unwanted photos.
8. Leveling gauge and different grids to help composition.
9. Review and playback photo sequence in camera roll
10. Merge photos to create multi-motions picture.
11. Tutorial to help you make a quick stand to hold the iPhone out of a banknote! (see sample picture)
12. Save photos in different sizes.
13. Date/time stamp of different formats
14. Choose the user preferred camera skins.

Please send us email of your comments. We are working on new version with enhanced features and thus your comments are very important.

Language displayed in English, Spanish, Simplified/ Traditional Chinese, Japanese and French.

Camera SuiteCamera SuiteCamera SuiteCamera SuiteCamera Suite


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