iTimeZone$2.99 from Tangerine Element, Inc. iTimeZone

The World Clock Where You Control Time.

** Featured At Apple Retail Stores **

Other world clocks only show you the current time in other cities. iTimeZone lets you control time. Flick the wheel into the future or past, iTimeZone calculates selected cities date and time, using all daylight savings time transitions. Scheduling meetings in other time zones is a breeze. Easily know what time it will be when landing for the big meeting in Singapore.

– 21,000+ Cities. Included are most cities with a population greater than 15,000, including Greenwich, England for GMT/UTC time.
– Country Flags. Easily identify a cities’ country.
– No Network Required. No Wi-Fi, no mobile signal, no problem. iTimeZone has all its’ city data built-in, great for iPod touch or iPhone owners in areas with spotty reception.
– Google Maps Integration. Open a selected city in Google Maps.
– City Details. See more info about any selected city.
– Quickly see day or night indicators for every city.
– Now. Reset to the current date+time with a button tap.

NEW IN 1.2:
– Change Default City. Double-tap any city to make it the default city.
– Weekday For Dates. See the weekday on any dates.
– Always Show Dates – Application setting to turn off the today, tomorrow, or yesterday labels in the city list.
– New Cities. Added Saint George and Hamilton, Bermuda
– More country flags. Now on the cities list.
– Many User Interface Improvements. Smoother scrolling performance in lists, animated time changes in the city list, font tweaking, search results layout changes, keyboard auto selection, etc.

If you have reviewed a version prior 1.2, please update your review. Any reviews listing missing cities are outdated, those cities have been included for a few updates. In 1.2 the default city can be changed with a double-tap on any city in the list, another chief criticism of older reviews.



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