SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)

SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)$0.00 from Left Coast Logic SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)

Finally, a Calendar with a Brain.

SmartTime uses advanced logic to organize and prioritize tasks, deadlines and appointments into a simple day view.

This Free version introduces you to the unique features that propelled SmartTime to the top of the charts for task management applications on the  iPhone:

– Looks at your appointments, then schedules time for your tasks.
– Combines tasks and appointments into one view.
– Allows you to see how many tasks you can accomplish today. And tomorrow.
– Move tasks with your fingertips and watch the fun as SmartTime re-organizes everything else in response.


– Backup and Restore Data and User Settings
– Synchronize with Google Calendar (Beta)
– Create Projects and map each to a different Google Calendar
– Share Tasks & Appointments with friends via Email
– Integrated with Google Maps and GPS
– One-tap Phone calling from a SmartTime item
– Advanced Filtering
– Landscape Week view
– Time Jumper to go quickly to specific dates

ONLY IN FULL VERSION 3.0 (coming end March):

– Week View with “Time Finder” to quickly see allocated time
– Month View with “Live Balance” shading to view time usage intuitively

SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)SmartTime Lite (Calendar, ToDos, GTD)

Thought this might interest some. I think it’s got a lot of potential: Product homepage: Appstore link:…290995843&mt=8 There’s a free version also.

Forum Review: SmartTime for the iPhone
Smarttime Forum Review by msbaylor (see forum post for video highlight!) For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum! The SmartTime application is a simple yet complex to-do application. When creating a task/event,


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