Where To? – GPS points of interest

Where To? - GPS points of interest$2.99 from Sophiestication Software Where To? - GPS points of interest

Make ANY iPhone or iPod touch function more like a real GPS device!

“The app provides a categorized directory for searching Google Maps. The idea is simple, and the execution is nearly perfect… brings it closer to a full GPS device.” (4.5 of 5 stars)
-Jeff Scott, 148Apps.com

“This app is definitely worth the 3 bucks” (4 of 5 stars)
-Cory Bohon, MacLife

One of the best features of the iPhone is that it’s able to determine your current location. But missing is something that’s become a staple of most GPS systems: a quick way to find points of interest around you. Where To provides that in a slick, intuitive user experience.

Find food, places to shop, fun things to do and much more with just a few taps. Then quickly get driving directions to your destination through a familiar Maps user interface.

Not sure what you want for dinner tonight? Tap “Surprise Me!” to make the choice. Take a chance and find something new and exciting!

– Includes over 600 categories… find whatever you want without any typing
– Find places around your current location, any of your contacts, or anywhere in the world
– Works with any iPhone or iPod touch model
– Available in English and German
– Gorgeous user interface

Some examples of the >600 categories:
– Food & Drink: restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs
– Services: Banks, ATMs, automobile repair, computer repair, delivery services, gas stations
– Shopping: Apple Stores, clothing, groceries, electronics, toys
– Entertainment: movie theaters, night clubs, gyms, museums
– Travel & Transportation: car rental stations, hotels, taxi cabs, train and bus stations
– Health & Medical: hospitals, all kinds of doctors
– Attractions: art galleries, parks, spas, zoos
– Education: kindergartens, schools, universities

Where To? is brought to you by FutureTap. Due to the acquisition of the app, the company information in the App Store is still incorrect. Read more on our website.

Follow us on Twitter for announcements and giveaways: http://twitter.com/futuretap

Where To? - GPS points of interestWhere To? - GPS points of interestWhere To? - GPS points of interestWhere To? - GPS points of interestWhere To? - GPS points of interest


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