February 12, 2009

iScores$4.99 from Polleo Limited iScores

Polleo and is proud to present the first iPhone and iPod touch application to bring you live scores for seven different popular sports in one package!

The following sports are included in this inital release of iScores®:
– Soccer
– Tennis
– Baseball
– Ice Hockey
– Basketball
– Football
– Formula 1

– Live Scores for 7 different sports.

– Choose between 30 sec, 1 min and 5 min updates.

– Leagues, tournaments and cups from all around the world.

– A massive collection of Soccer livescore and live results (73 countries, 237 National Leagues. 60 International Tournaments)

– Bookmark matches and easily keep track of your favorite team.

– Watch live results from multiple sports simultaneously by using the new bookmark functionality.

– Notification system that alerts with sound, icon badge and/or vibration if scores on a bookmarked match changes.

– Search functionality to easily locate and bookmark your favorite teams or athletes.

Visit for Livescore and Results real time service – Soccer Live Scores and Sports Live Results all over the world.

iScores® – ©2008-2009



Tingalin – Amazing fun guitar like music app

February 12, 2009

Tingalin - Amazing fun guitar like music app$5.99 from Afrim Kacaj Tingalin - Amazing fun guitar like music app

On sale for a limited time!

“The Tingalin iPhone app simulates this two-stringed instrument with absolute fidelity, going as far as to recreate the wrist-based strumming technique of the ancient Çifteli masters.”
~Tech Crunch

“Before I go to bed I simply must play my Tingalin!”
~Imogen Heap

Everyone LOVES the Tingalin app see for a video demo!

If you enjoy string instruments such as the guitar, banjo, setar, sitar, oud, and other lutes then you will love this app!

Tingalin is a music instrument application based on the Albanian lute Çifteli (meaning “pair of strings”). This unique application is easy to use and best of all it is lot of fun! Five melodies are preloaded to get you started right away!

Tingalin is played by tapping the 14 notes on the instruments handle. Each note is recorded in the tab and the entire melody is played by shaking the device, as if strumming the real instrument. Each strum up and down (meaning shake of the phone) a note is played. Tempo is controlled by the frequency of your strumming! Tuning can be adjusted to your prefered pitch using the slider control +/- 1 octave.

Now you have the ability to share your melodies with friends via email!

Made in New York City!!!

Playing tips:
The strumming algorithm is designed to mimic as closely as possible the way the real instrument is played. It is sensitive enough to allow strumming in both the up and down direction. You can also vary the technique by strumming in one direction, bring your hand back up gently and strum in the same direction again etc.
F4 is the open string note and in my melodies I use it as a bridge because it is tuned close to the drone string and it transitions well between chords.
Notes do not resonate long so you may have to elongate a note by playing it multiple times or choose a lower pitch that would resonate longer.
Higher pitch faster strumming.

The Çifteli is a wooden instrument with a long thin handle and a pear-shaped sound bowl. This two string lute looks similar to Setar, Saz and Tambura; however, its sound is unique. The first string is used to play the notes while the seconds strings acts as a backup harmonic tune.

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Tingalin - Amazing fun guitar like music appTingalin - Amazing fun guitar like music appTingalin - Amazing fun guitar like music appTingalin - Amazing fun guitar like music app

Flash Notes

February 12, 2009

Flash Notes$1.99 from Data Spire Flash Notes

Flash Notes is the perfect way to help individuals learn to read music notes quickly. Choose if you would like to practice notes from the bass clef, treble clef, or both. Tapping on each note reveals the note name and will indicate if it is natural, flat, or sharp. Sound has also been added so that you can start associating each note with its position on the piano. A simple but effective application that will get you sight reading traditional music notes in no time.

A preferences menu allows you to narrow down which notes you would like to concentrate on by adding or removing notes on ledger lines. There are also four beautiful backgrounds that you can choose from.

Flash NotesFlash NotesFlash Notes

American Heritage® Desk

February 12, 2009

American Heritage® Desk$7.99 from Enfour, Inc. American Heritage® Desk

New Version 2.0 with many improvements

– words within definitions can now be tapped
– two-way external linking
*headwords jump to “Roget’s II” Thesaurus, if installed
(Special price on Roget’s to take advantage of this)

American Heritage® dictionaries are known for their accessible definitions, informative art, and expert usage guidance.

The handy new Desk edition brings you all these features in the most convenient format yet. Carry your Desk with you in your iPhone or iPod touch. Ideal reference tool for students and professionals alike.

Main Features:
* entire text of this best selling book
* three-way cross-referencing
* real-time progressive look-up
* wildcard searches
* bookmarks with notations
* automatic history
* zoomable graphics

(This application works as a complete, stand-alone product and no internet connection is required for any of the features and functions.)

More than 70,000 entries, thoroughly revised and updated. More than 1,000 new words and meanings, from bioreserve and domestic partner to MP3 and zine.

* Expert guidance on correct English usage
* Numerous photographs and drawings that enhance the definitions
* Synonyms, regional notes, etymologies, and more.

The American Heritage® Desk Dictionary, Fourth Edition published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All
rights reserved.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

Powered by Enfour’s -“UniDict Engine 2”

*Customer Reviews*
None of the opinions expressed in the Customer Review section are the opinions of either Enfour, Inc. or Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.
If you have any questions or comments, please make them directly to Enfour support. We will respond promptly, but can do so only to return-addressed emails. We will, of course, take swift action where necessary.

American Heritage® DeskAmerican Heritage® DeskAmerican Heritage® DeskAmerican Heritage® DeskAmerican Heritage® Desk

eWallet – Secure Password Manager

February 12, 2009

eWallet - Secure Password Manager$9.99 from Ilium Software eWallet - Secure Password Manager

How important are your passwords?

Think about it. All your money, your bank accounts, financial info, health info, credit cards, insurance, and everything else you need to keep private is protected by passwords. They’re not just for email, Facebook and Twitter.

So when you’re looking for a password manager, pick one you can trust.

eWallet®, from Ilium Software, has been trusted by mobile users for over 11 years. With more than half a million users, in-house telephone support, and dozens of major industry awards, eWallet is your best – and safest – choice for your confidential information.

eWallet protects your information completely, with:
+ Secure storage for passwords, usernames, PINs
+ Strong 256-bit AES encryption
+ Secure storage for bank and credit card info
+ Time-out locks to keep your info safe
+ Live URLs that launch the websites you know, without the dangers of phishing emails or typing errors taking you elsewhere
+ An automatic password generator to create strong, secure passwords

eWallet lets you synchronize and backup your info:
+ Sync and back up your info to your Windows desktop (We’re working on a Mac version!)
+ Item-level sync lets you use and change your info everywhere
+ Sync as many wallets as you want – no restrictions
+ iPhone eWallet users can add the desktop version for just $9.95, or
+ Use the desktop version free for 30 days
+ Note: synchronization with the desktop version is available via WiFi only

eWallet lets you keep and use your info the way you want it:
+ Great-looking cards, with your own graphics or ours
+ Complete search to quickly find the info you need
+ Customize cards with your own photos
+ Choose your own categories and subcategories
+ Add personal notes and security questions to any cards
+ Have as many different wallets as you want
+ Live URLs, phone numbers and email addresses right where you need them

You want to keep your passwords convenient.
You have to keep them secure.
And you need to be confident that you can use them when you need to.

Get a password manager from a company you can trust. Get eWallet.

eWallet - Secure Password ManagereWallet - Secure Password ManagereWallet - Secure Password ManagereWallet - Secure Password ManagereWallet - Secure Password Manager