iCam Madrid

February 13, 2009

iCam Madrid$0.00 from PhoneSoftware iCam Madrid

Información real de las carreteras de la Comunidad de Madrid, gracias a las cámaras de la Dirección General de Tráfico y agrupadas por carreteras.

– Imagen recogida de cada cámara y mostrada por punto kilométrico.
– Carreteras: A-31, A-42, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, AP-6, M-11, M-14, M-40, M-45, M-501, M-503, M-607.
– 340 cámaras aproximadamente.
– Posibilidad de guardar las cámaras favoritas de nuestro trayecto habitual.

iCam MadridiCam MadridiCam MadridiCam Madrid

iCam Madrid
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GooeyTiles Picture Puzzle

February 13, 2009

GooeyTiles Picture Puzzle$1.99 from GooeyApps GooeyTiles Picture Puzzle

A timeless classic with a 2.0 twist!

You and your family will spend countless hours having fun with this 2 in 1 application. Not only do you get the original classic “Fifteen (15)” game, you also get an additional 2 levels: Kids (3×3 or 8 ) and Brain Buster (5×5 or 24). You also get a completely new way to challenge yourself, friends and family by turning a photo from your album into a puzzle.

This game is perfect for:

★ commutes to work and school

★ long trips or plane, train or car rides

★ lounging around the house or relaxing

★ exercising your mind

You know who else used to love this game? Bobby Fisher, the chess prodigy.


-Easy to use and navigate
-2 game settings: Numeral and Photo
-difficulty settings
-3X3 or 8 tile, 4X4 or 15, 5X5 or 24 tile games
-Instant response time to the touch (speedy movement)
-Easy to see tiles, with well defined edges
-Use pictures from your personal library
-Random Shuffling
-Hint function for image puzzle
-Tap tiles to move
-Easy import of pictures

Warning! This game is extremely addictive. We will not be held responsible for consequences of playing this game.

Available today for only $1.99

GooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture Puzzle


February 13, 2009

Feiertage$1.99 from usis GmbH Feiertage

– When is Easter?
– How many days until Christmas?
– Which weekday is New Year’s Eve this year?
– Is Mardi Gras early again next year?

All this questions answers “Holidays”.
Not only this year, also next year and the year after – for ever – the everlasting calendar!

“Holidays” calculates the dates of all fixed and moveable holidays for every year.
Simply by tapping you will know the next holiday or how long you can looking forward for a holiday.

You want to celebrate “St Patrick’s Day”?
No Problem: With the configuration view you can enable your important, regional holidays and mark the days off.

US holidays: Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving.

All UK bank holidays!

Other holidays: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween,…

Includes holidays for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Italy, Puerto Rico, Mexico – and also jewish holidays (Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, Pesach, …).

Any suggestions?
Mail us to holidays@us-is.de
or write a review.

Concerning some reviews:

– Currently the iPhone software does not allow to transfer holidays to the calendar application.

– Holidays like Mardi Gras and Christmas Eve can be found under the category “Christian Tradition” in the settings view.

– Each holiday can be switched on and off individually.



February 13, 2009

PuzzleManiak$4.99 from Alexandre Minard PuzzleManiak

My new puzzle game collection, ArcadeManiak, is out.
With the top 9 puzzle games of PuzzleManiak, with stunned graphics and original soundtrack.
Beat reference times to unlock the 6 levels of difficulty of the 9 games and earn the awards.
Online records are also available.
Just look for ArcadeManiak on AppStore.

PuzzleManiak is a collection of 20 puzzle games (Bridges, Dominosa, Filling, Galaxies, Loopy, LightUp, Mines, Net, Pattern, Rectangles, Sudoku, Slant, Tents, Unequal, Untangle, Blackbox, Map, SameGame, Guess and Pegs), most of them invented by Nikoli.

All games are generated on-the-fly and have an unique solution, thus you’ll never play the same puzzle twice.

All games have a lot of difficulty levels, from easy to very hard.

Statistics are maintained for each game, and each level of difficulty.

For each game, a daily web challenge is available: in this mode, everyday, all players around the world will play the same unique puzzle and compare their scores to other ones.

There is also a ‘special web challenge’ in which all players play a unique puzzle game, but without knowing which one it is before starting it.

New online game mode: “Players challenges”. After any (local) game, you can submit it to the website, so that every other players can play it and so you can compare your scores to other ones.

A ranking is available on the website for this “Players challenges” mode.

Current puzzle is always saved when exiting, so you can resume it later, whenever you wish.

10 best scores of each game are saved locally.



PuzzleManiak Christmas Edition
PuzzleManiak is a collection of 20 puzzle games (Bridges, Dominosa, Filling, Galaxies, Loopy, LightUp, Mines, Net, Pattern, Rectangles, Sudoku, Slant, Tents, Unequal, Untangle, Blackbox, Map, SameGame, Guess and Pegs),

PuzzleManiak 2.2 available on AppStore
I’m proud to tell you that PuzzleManiak 2.2 has been accepted by Apple and is now available for download/upgrade. Here is the direct AppStore link. Enjoy and happy Players Challenges!

Puzzle Maniak: 15 Puzzle-Games in 1 | AppStore
Produttore: Alexandre Minard | Download Via: AppStore | Prezzo: 3,99€. Arriva nell’App Store uno dei giochi più popolari presenti nell’installer per firmware 1.1.x. Si tratta di Puzzle Maniak, prodotto da Alexandre Minard.


February 13, 2009

タイピング〜$0.99 from Ittetu Do タイピング〜




[iPhone] iPhone向けタイピング練習アプリを色々試してみました
以前、フリック入力の速さとかが話題になったことがありました。 で、私もやってみたりしてました。 iPhoneのフリック入力の時間を計測してみました. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/moto_maka/20080922/1222055836. この頃から考えてたことに、フリックの練習


February 13, 2009

FeedReader$4.99 from Joey Susbilla FeedReader

Full-featured RSS reader and podcast client.

– Support for RSS, ATOM or RDF feeds.
– Easily add multiple feeds.
– Download podcasts: You can watch or listen to podcasts offline using our download podcast feature!
– Search for podcasts: Using our search feeds feature, you can search for your favorite podcasts, such as Tekzilla from Revision3.
– Automatic feed discovery: Easily add feeds by searching for feeds to add. Allows you to type in a query and FeedReader will list feeds related to your search.
– View videos from RSS feeds.
– RSS player: Listen or watch podcasts from RSS feeds.
– Image viewer and downloader: Press the ‘eye’ icon button in the read view to download all the images in the article. You can also view these images while offline by pressing the eye icon again.
– Launch feeds links within FeedReader’s embedded web browser.
– View feeds while offline.
– Landscape support: View RSS articles in landscape mode for better viewing.


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Feed Reader – The best rss reader for the iPhone / iPod Touch
We have seen some rss readers for the iPhone. But we chose to review this one for our viewers simply because it is the best. The feedreader is available via the AppStore for $0.99 on sale. The app has a good professional look to it


February 13, 2009

RPSXtreme$0.99 from Assistronics, LLC RPSXtreme

Rock-paper-scissors (sometimes spelled roshambo) is a popular two-person hand game.

The objective is to select a gesture which defeats that of the opponent. Gestures are resolved as follows:
– Scissors cuts Paper; scissors wins.
– Paper covers Rock; paper wins.
– Rock crushes Lizard; rock wins.
– Lizard poisons Spock; lizard wins.
– Spock smashes Scissors; Spock wins.
– Scissors decapitates Lizard; scissors wins.
– Lizard eats Paper; lizard wins.
– Paper disproves Spock; paper wins.
– Spock vaporizes Rock; Spock wins.
– Rock crushes Scissors; rock wins.
If both players choose the same gesture, the game is tied and played again.

This version supports single player mode (i.e. against the computer). And multiplayer mode against another player with an iPhone/iPod Touch. Multiplayer mode only works over a local WiFi network connection.

Options include the ability to choose from three different gesture image sets: hands, pictures, text.

We hope you enjoy this version of Rock Paper Scissors.

Version 1.1:
Added new game play type Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock (invented by Sam Kass).

Application name changed to RPSXtreme.

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading this application make sure you have the latest iPhone OS update.