GooeyTiles Picture Puzzle

GooeyTiles Picture Puzzle$1.99 from GooeyApps GooeyTiles Picture Puzzle

A timeless classic with a 2.0 twist!

You and your family will spend countless hours having fun with this 2 in 1 application. Not only do you get the original classic “Fifteen (15)” game, you also get an additional 2 levels: Kids (3×3 or 8 ) and Brain Buster (5×5 or 24). You also get a completely new way to challenge yourself, friends and family by turning a photo from your album into a puzzle.

This game is perfect for:

★ commutes to work and school

★ long trips or plane, train or car rides

★ lounging around the house or relaxing

★ exercising your mind

You know who else used to love this game? Bobby Fisher, the chess prodigy.


-Easy to use and navigate
-2 game settings: Numeral and Photo
-difficulty settings
-3X3 or 8 tile, 4X4 or 15, 5X5 or 24 tile games
-Instant response time to the touch (speedy movement)
-Easy to see tiles, with well defined edges
-Use pictures from your personal library
-Random Shuffling
-Hint function for image puzzle
-Tap tiles to move
-Easy import of pictures

Warning! This game is extremely addictive. We will not be held responsible for consequences of playing this game.

Available today for only $1.99

GooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture PuzzleGooeyTiles Picture Puzzle


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