Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary

February 14, 2009

Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary$0.99 from Kolor Design Pty Ltd Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary

Aussie Slang (Australian Slang Dictionary)

Unique and pure Australian slang iPhone application always under your fingers. Features more than 600+ phrases used in Australia daily.

The language we speak in Australia suprises other people no-end. Shock your friends with your new English-language knowlege, or just use it in situations you can’t follow what Aboriginals or Aussies are trying to tell you.

Made 100% in Australia!


I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s the only one I paid for and it’s totally worth it. Very informative, it contains every Aussie slang word you will ever need. Whether you’re planning on traveling/moving to Australia or you’re just an enthusiast of the lingo this app is a must have.

Great app , lots of fun for non-aussies and alike! Some even I didn’t know… but she’ll be right on the night mate!

Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) DictionaryAussie Slang (Australian Slang) DictionaryAussie Slang (Australian Slang) DictionaryAussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary

Pierwszy ranking polskich aplikacji na iPhone'a/iPoda touch
[NEWSHUGE][/NEWSHUGE] Poniżej przedstawiamy gry wszystkich polskich twórców aplikacji na iPhone’a i iPoda, które znajdują się obecnie w App Store, wraz z krótkim opisem.


SolBoard (“Peg Solitaire”)

February 14, 2009

$2.99 from Magno Urbano

Solboard or Solitaire Board Game (also known as Peg Solitaire) is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. This game is known simply as Solitaire in the United Kingdom.

This is a mind game, a puzzle, invented in the 17th Century.

According to the legend, Solitaire was invented by a French aristocrat in the 17th Century, when incarcerated in the Bastille, explaining the game’s less common name Solo Noble, but no evidence was ever found to support this story.

The first evidence of the game can be traced back to the court of Louis XIV, and the specific date of 1697. Several works of art from that time show peg solitaire boards, demonstrating that the game was highly fashionable.

The standard game fills the entire board with pegs except for the central hole. The objective is, making valid moves, to empty the entire board except for a solitary peg in the central hole.


There are two traditional boards, the English, with 33 positions and the French with 37 positions. Solboard comes with these two variations and offer several ways to start the game.

So, enjoy the Solitaire Board Game! It is a game for all ages.


February 14, 2009

Fisherman$2.99 from Tommy Kammerer Fisherman

Tilt your iPhone to move the fisherboat. Tap anywhere on the screen to throw the spinning rod, tap again to hall in. You’ll need a good timing to catch the fishes while picking up the fishing rod.

You will earn money for each fish you catch. After each round you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment. The first level you will begin with a short line, a slow spinning rod an a low line strength.



February 14, 2009

Allowance$2.99 from Willow Ridge Software Allowance

Allowance is a simple tool to help keep track of allowance payments. Enter the name of each of your children, the amount of each allowance payment, and how often you pay them. Allowance will then keep track of how long it’s been since you’ve made a payment, and will automatically calculate how much you owe. When you do make a payment, you can easily deduct it from the total.


– track allowance for multiple payees
– automatically accrue allowance based on simple scheduling
– transaction history and notes
– password protect individual payees
– add or subtract arbitrary amounts from allowance



February 14, 2009

iAdviseMe$0.99 from LucidOne Communications iAdviseMe

iAdviseMe is a application that will allow you to get the latest up-to-date software security advisories right to your iPhone. This application will provide you important IT security alerts and advisories that will help keep you current on a majority of enterprise information technology hardware and software vulnerabilities. iAdviseMe’s information is updated by the manufacturers themselves, as well as vulnerability experts such as,, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, VMware, Apple, Blackberry, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Juniper, Virus and many more. You can be sure the information you are getting is always precise and current. Features include alerts with summaries containing direct links to the original site for more detailed information, as well as support for the 3G iPhone’s accelerometer so you can rotate your iPhone and iAdviseMe will rotate along with it. We will always be adding more manufacturers to make iAdviseMe’s content rich and relevant. Feel free to email us with suggestions to add or remove content that you think is relevant to you and other IT Professionals.

other apps: iGossip, iGreen, iRap411, iNoticiero, i9erNews, iSharkNews, iSFBaseball, iAdviseMe, iCaramba, iBayArea, iShoot

In some cases the built in Safari does not open the feed. Please close and reopen the app and try again. This could also be due to 8+ Safari sessions already open.



February 14, 2009

GelCalc$4.99 from Michael Zinman GelCalc

GelCalc is an iPhone/iPod touch app for stage lighting designers, electricians, and stage hands.

Quickly calculate number of sheets of gel, best cutting direction to yield the most frames per/sheet and pricing.

As you type in new frame sizes, it will be added to the picker. You can reset the picker by shaking your device several times.

• Lookup over 100 popular frame, sheet and roll sizes
• Use inches or centimeters
• Determine total sheets required
• Determine total yield per sheet
• Determine best cutting direction for rectangular frames
• Determine pricing information, including sales tax

More lighting related apps online at or search “Michael Zinman” in the App Store.


New Products
Two New LED Lighting Products from City Theatrical. City Theatrical has launched two innovative new LED lighting products utilizing Philips Color Kinetics LEDs: The MasterBlast™ is a battery powered lighting fixture with SHoW DMX™

SP Photo Fix

February 14, 2009

SP Photo Fix$0.99 from SP Photo Fix

Photo Retouching

While you’re on the go, you need to send a photo from your iPhone, but it’s not good enough (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation).

Now, you can fix your photo before sending it by email, directly on your iPhone. As easy as: pick, edit, save. Then you go to your “Camera Roll” / “Saved Pictures” folder and select the modified picture to send it.

The new “White Balance” correction is the fastest way to fix colors on your picture. You only have to drag the target circle into a “SHOULD BE WHITE” color on the picture, and “SP Photo Fix” will do the rest.

If you take more than one picture under same light condition, the new Recall button allows you to correct those pictures based on the White Balance from the previous picture you edited.

Photos are handled and saved at 860 x 645.

Combine it with “SP Photo Cal” to create an amazing calendar with your retouched picture.

Note on iPod Touch: since iPod Touch doesn’t have camera, you will be able to retouch only pictures downloaded from the WEB or synched using iTunes.

Note on reviews:
– No more low resolution & blurry images issue.
– Some times iPhone goes low on runtime memory, making some application to crash or behave strange. If your “SP Photo Fix” does not save the edited picture, try to restart your iPhone holding down sleep button for 5 sec to turn it OFF. Then turn it ON again.

SP Photo FixSP Photo FixSP Photo FixSP Photo FixSP Photo Fix

iPhone Photography App Watch (February 15, 2009)
Air Photo Daily – An evaluation version of Air photo WiFi Printing limiting printing to once a day. Cost: Free. SP Photo Fix – Make your image better before sending it via e-mail. New settings include White Balance. Cost: $0.99.

iPhoneの画像調整アプリ「SP Photo Fix」
iPhone用の画像調整アプリ「SP Photo Fix」を使ってみた。 搭載されている機能は以下の通り。 ・Hue(色相) ・Saturation(彩度) ・Lightness(明度) ・Brightness(明るさ) ・Blur(ぼかし) ・Sharpen(シャープ) ・B & W(黒白)