Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary

Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary$0.99 from Kolor Design Pty Ltd Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary

Aussie Slang (Australian Slang Dictionary)

Unique and pure Australian slang iPhone application always under your fingers. Features more than 600+ phrases used in Australia daily.

The language we speak in Australia suprises other people no-end. Shock your friends with your new English-language knowlege, or just use it in situations you can’t follow what Aboriginals or Aussies are trying to tell you.

Made 100% in Australia!


I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s the only one I paid for and it’s totally worth it. Very informative, it contains every Aussie slang word you will ever need. Whether you’re planning on traveling/moving to Australia or you’re just an enthusiast of the lingo this app is a must have.

Great app , lots of fun for non-aussies and alike! Some even I didn’t know… but she’ll be right on the night mate!

Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) DictionaryAussie Slang (Australian Slang) DictionaryAussie Slang (Australian Slang) DictionaryAussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary

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