iMazeLite$0.00 from Hackosphere iMazeLite

iMazeLite is a maze game in which you guide a ball to the exit with tilt-based control or touch-based control. In tilt-control mode, hold the iphone flat and tilt slightly in the direction you want to ball to move. In touch-control mode, swipe up/down/left/right *anywhere* in the screen to move the ball in the same direction.

All the features of iMazePro such as 10 levels, Mega maze, Super Mega Maze etc are now available in this free version.

Level 1: Basic maze
Level 2: Timed play
Level 3: Racing with a robotic ball that tries hard to find a path to the destination.
Level 4: The robot moves at double the speed!
Level 5: Finding your way through a partially visible maze! Maze is divided into 4 sub-mazes and the only visible submaze is the one where the ball is located.

Levels 6-10 are similar but on bigger mazes. The ultimate challenge is to win Mega or Super Mega mazes that are bigger than iphone screen!



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