iThought Receiver Magic Trick

iThought Receiver Magic Trick$2.99 from Instant Download Magic & Mentalism iThought Receiver Magic Trick

Read the minds of your friends and family like a pro with this critically acclaimed app!

A spectator can name any one of the three colors (red, green or blue) – the mysterious iThought Receiver can then tell the spectator exactly what color they’re thinking of!

iThought Receiver is a digital magic trick, it comes with:

– The incredible app that does all the work for you.
– Full performance instructions.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
“A magic trick, where you read a spectator’s mind. I won’t spoil anything other than to say it’s a fun trick and priced to move. The design is clever, aiding the effect itself.”

NOTE: For more information read the ‘Questions & Answers’ section on our Web Site (first link below).

Please read the instructions before trying to perform by clicking the ‘i’.

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iThought Receiver Magic TrickiThought Receiver Magic TrickiThought Receiver Magic Trick

Regular visitors to the Magic Newswire know that we have a soft spot in out heart for the iPhone and the various ways in which it can be used to perform magic. Because so many of our readers are walking around with one of these in their

Even more magic tricks
Filed under: Gaming, Stocking Stuffers, iPhone, App Store, iPod touch. Well, my earlier prediction turned out right. I said in my last review that more tricks would be on the way, and this afternoon 3 more hit my in box.


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