iDreamRemote$3.99 from Jimmy Bergetun iDreamRemote

iDreamRemote lets you control your Enigma based satellite tuner from anywhere in the world, you can change channels, start recording and pause programs directly from your iPhone.

It’s basically a fully functional remote controller for your satellite tuner.

– Zap mode: Let you chose TV-channels directly from your listed Dreambox bouquets.

– EPG Mode: Displays the Electronic Program Guide on a given Tv-channel.

– EPG Timer functionality: You can chose to record an event directly from the Electronic Program Guide.

– EPG Search. Let you search for events in the EPG

– EPG Now. Shows you whats running just now.

– EPG Next. Show you whats running next

– Movies : List, play and delete recorded movies.

– Sreeenshot: Displays a screenshot of whats currently showing on your Dreambox

– Remote control: Control the dreambox just as you can do with your standard remote + more.

Tested working on the following tuners:
Dreambox 7000
Dreambox 7020
Dreambox 600
Dreambox 500
Dreambox 500+
Dreambox 800
Dreambox 7025
Dreambox 8000

It should work on all Enigma based tuners.



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