Comic Envi

Comic Envi$0.99 from Open Door Networks, Inc. Comic Envi

Comic Envi is a comic strip reader for the iPhone and iPod touch. Comic Envi gives you easy, full-screen access to hundreds of comics and cartoons available on the Web.

From the comic strips you’ve loved, to Web-only comics, to political cartoons, Comic Envi displays Web-based comics the way you would expect on the iPhone: full screen, with multi-touch controls, in automated slide shows. Today’s strips, monthly archives and more.

Comic Envi is based on the iEnvision Web-image browser. iEnvision organizes images from the Web into indexed groups. With iEnvision not only can you view Web-based comics, but also art, astronomy photos, children’s books, manga, news, travel brochures and more. You can also add and remove your own groups and sites.

Comic EnviComic EnviComic Envi


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