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Discover is a mobile file manager application that allows you to manage, store, view and transfer files with other computers or iPhones, within the same Wi-Fi network. It also allows you to access local or public servers on the Internet, both within or without Wi-Fi connections.


–Wireless flash drive

Instantly convert your iPhone to a wireless Flash Drive without the use of a cable. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer’s Internet browsers such as IE, FireFox, Safari, Finder for the Mac OS, or the WebDAV clients such as Transmit. With an IP address that Discover provides, you can easily upload or download the files between the computer and iPhone.

–Sharing files with your friends over the air

Want to share pictures or documents with your friends in class, at a party or in a conference? Our “Nearby” function can detect other iPhones in close proximity and enable you to share files with them via Wi-Fi networks. If you choose to add the MobileMe service, Discover can support the emailing of files from your actual iPhone.

–Multi-format file reader

Dicover contains a Multi-format files viewer that allow you to view documents, code, audio, video, photos, and more. Special features, such as bookmarks, would easily allow you to read while on-the-go. In addition, Discover also now supports the formats docx, xlsx, and pptx.

–Access local and public server

Discover allows you to access your MobileMe iDisk server and Discover servers from local networks or the Internet. Once you are connected to your server, you can then upload/download files between your server and your iPhone. The Discover server application can be downloaded at

About MobileMe iDisk Access

MobileMe iDisk is a service provided by Apple that helps you store, access, and share files online as well as access them in any computer. Now with Discover, you can access your iDisk server right from your iPhone! Upload, download and even share them with your friends via email!

A free 60-day trial of the Apple MobileMe service is available at

About Discover Server:

In addition to allowing you to access your remotely hosted files like iDisk, the Discover server further enables you to access both private or open, as well as local and public, file hosting services on the Internet or local networks.

Public access:

With your public IP address published, your friends, colleagues, visitors, clients, or business partners will be able to access your files stored in your public Discover Server, which can be located in your home, office or other provided hosting.

Local access:

Within local networks such as your campus, office or home, your colleagues or classmates can automatically detect your local Discover Server, list file folders, and download files through “Nearby” at Discover.

The Discover Server for MAC OS can now be downloaded at


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New App For File Sharing – DISCOVERS ( free in itunes )
There’s a free iPhone app called Discover isn’t as good as Air sharing in hosting, sharing, and transfering files to and from your iPhone but for casual use,you can’t ignore free app like this. As most new iPhone/touch owners find out,

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090221 진눈깨비 터치 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? Accountr [유료][리뷰]- 금전관리 프로그램, 구글 독스 Docs 스프래드쉬트 파일(엑셀)로 백업할 수 있다. BlogWriterLite- 블로그 입력/수정 툴.

090207 진눈깨비 터치 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? 지난 주와 달라진건 없습니다. Bookmarks [리뷰]- 북마크 공유 서비스인 딜리셔스 의 북마크를 가져와 저장합니다. 오프라인으로도 볼수 있구요.

Discover : transfert de fichiers vers l’iPhone
Compatible windows et mac, Discover vous permet de transférer des fichiers vers votre iPhone. Et la bonne nouvelle contrairement à beaucoup d’autres applications semblables, discover est gratuit ! Encore plus de détails sur

090124 터치에 있는 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? 지난 주와 달라진건 없습니다. YouNote – 메모, 녹음, 위치, 그림판 으로 각종 내용을 저장할 수 있다. PC 용으로 백업(무선랜)하는 프로그램을 제공한다.

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Many people have commented on a number of features that are lacking on the iPhone – be in crippled bluetooth, MMS, copy/paste… the list goes on. One of the main things that I was disappointed about is the inability to transfer documents

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JUST before Christmas, Daring Fireball linked to Alex Payne’s post titled “Software I Paid For But No Longer Use.” Although it’s rare that I spend any money for software that I’m not entirely sure I’ll use daily, or for which no


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