iFlashNote$0.99 from Rob Dircks iFlashNote

iFlashNote is the fun way to show someone how you feel! Just tap one of the listed phrases or smileys — or type and save your own — and show it to your friends on that big iPod Touch or iPhone screen:

• Tell someone they’re cute at a noisy club, bar, or concert.
• Cheer up your friend with a surprising word.
• Share a note in a quiet college classroom.
• Say “I love you” in a new, fun way.
• Make your kids laugh uncontrollably, or teach them how to read like flash cards – IT WORKS!!!
• Get the bartender’s attention.
• Have fun saying the most with the fewest words.

•••••••• BY POPULAR DEMAND! Your #1 requested feature has been added — as of version 1.2 release, longer phrases break onto two lines for readability at farther distances. (We limited it to two lines, as three lines gets to look messy!) So keep sending us your feedback, and KEEP FLASHING! •••••••••

We’ve talked to lots of our customers, and found that it’s a great conversation-starter, awesome “in-person” version of texting, and a great diversion for adults and kids alike — with phrases comfortably visible across the room. And boy, folks can get pretty creative!

Product details: iFlashNote is only 99 cents – That’s less than the price of a single cup of coffee, and a quarter of the cost of a single movie rental. Here’s what you get for less than a buck:

• “Top 40” tab makes it super-quick to flash common phrases like “I LUV U”
• “Smileys” tab for those moments that a picture says even more than words
• “Custom” tab lets you create and save your own phrases – in any order you want, as many as you want
• FREE upgrades
• Rate and Submit your picks for the Top 40! Your submissions have been awesome so far!

A note to buyers: Thanks so much for all the positive feedback — you rock!



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