iMapMyRide$0.00 from MapMyFitness iMapMyRide

iMapMyRide uses the built-in GPS technology from your iPhone 3G to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Features include:
· Real-time tracking with distance, time, pace, and speed display
· Support for mile or km output
· Synchronization with your training log and routes on
· Viewing of your training history (with maps) from your iPhone
· Twitter integration

No need to buy a separate watch or GPS device — All your training and mapping needs can be met with your iPhone and iMapMyRide. This amazing technology is directly linked to the most powerful social networking, mapping, and fitness training site on the Internet today — With iMapMyRide, you can instantaneously get your maps and view them in Google or Google Earth, post them to your blog or website, email them to friends, or print them out for an event or group ride!

We recommend iPhone OS 2.1 or higher for best performance.

With more than 1 Million visitors a month and 2.6 Million routes in the database for you to search, try, and rate there is no better way to enhance your training. has forums used by thousands of cyclists to help you answer questions about training, where to ride, and just about anything that you need to know about fitness. Our community section has cycling clubs to help you find cycling partners. With our recently released private messaging service, you can communicate with other members directly. In addition, to these features you can find events in your area, create maps from scratch, download famous tour routes, and see stories written by other cyclists. There is no better place on the Web to connect with other cyclists and store your training.

WARNING! iMapMyRide must be on screen to capture your activity. If you lock your iPhone, it will not capture your activity. If you start music after you have launched the application, it will not record. While you are out on your ride, do NOT push the main menu button at the bottom of your iPhone — It will stop the application and you will lose your data.


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My iPhone recently had to go back to Vodacom for an issue with the vibrate button. The thing broke off after only 2 months out the box. Something that’s completely unacceptable. Unfortunately the only thing to do was to book it in at

[News] Featured in App Store 2008.11.17
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