Sales & Commissions

Sales & Commissions$1.99 from SVT Software Sales & Commissions

Do you need an easy way to track sales and commissions, but hate to spend so much time on the calculator each day? If your answer is YES, then this is the right application for you. The Sales & Commission application will allow you to track sales for yourself or for your employees if you own a business. It lets you enter sales information for items sold and totals the amount for you. It also calculates the commissions based on the total sales and commission rate. The Sales & Commissions application will help you to to stay on top of your business and saves you value time each day.

Features include:
– The ability to track sales for different employees or categories
– Recurring list screen to store repeating items so you do not have to re-enter each time.
– Large numeric keypad for entering of amounts
– Includes a Settings screen to configure business name, commission rate, sorting order, etc.
– Designed so that minimal number of screens is needed to enter sale transactions
– Passcode protection to keep your sales information private
– Support sorting of sale entries in either ascending or descending mode
– Includes a date picker to let you quickly enter and edit dates
– All categories and sale entries can be deleted by swiping a finger across the entry
– Sale transactions can be edited by touching the blue disclosure button (>)
– Entries can be checked or unchecked in reconcile mode
– Clean and intuitive user interface

Sales & CommissionsSales & CommissionsSales & CommissionsSales & CommissionsSales & Commissions


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