Tyrannos$1.99 from Fernando Pereira Tyrannos

Tyrannos is a turn based game with a simple simulation of life as a dictator in ancient Greece.

You can mobilize your mercenaries, militia and naval forces and use them in raids against your neighbors or “barbarian” areas.
Also you can use diplomacy and bribes and try to improve your image in the other greek states.
In your own city you can do improvements and try to gain popularity and increase revenues.
If you manage to establish colonies they provide a source of popularity and increase your revenue.

Historical Note: the game was inspired by Peisistrators, ancient tyrant of Athens – he was expelled twice but his last attempt proved much more durable and he died peacefully, being succeeded by his 2 sons. Athens was also ruled by a reputed tyrant in the generation after Alexander the Great (Demetrios of Phaleron was the tyrant).

Please send any suggestions and/or problems that you might have found to fpapps@gmail.com.



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