Pianist$3.99 from MooCowMusic Pianist

Pianist – The _ORIGINAL_ iPhone and iPod Touch Piano.

*** One of the Apple iTunes ‘Top 10 Music Applications’ for 2008! ***

Pianist is a virtual piano for your iPhone or iPod Touch that enables you to compose music while on the move on a musical “scratchpad”, or just jam with your friends.

– Full 88 key piano keyboard sampled from a real piano for maximum authenticity.

– Record and save your compositions for later playback. Overdub as many times as you want, and remove unwanted notes.

– Realistic graphics with 3D keys that press down at your touch.

– Virtual “Soft” and “Sustain” pedals, and expression depending on where you press the key.

– Zoomable keyboard allows you to display between one and two octaves across the screen.

– Optional dual keyboard layout allows you to reach even more keys without the need to scroll. Up to four octaves can be displayed and played at once.

– Jump to any part of the keyboard instantly.

– Stay in time with a completely configurable metronome.

– Create truly complex piano pieces with multiple parts that span several octaves by overdubbing the current song.

– Intuitive user-interface that feels more like a digital piano than a computer application.

We believe you should never buy something unseen, so all our applications have comprehensive video demos on our website (http://moocowmusic.com)

From the company that brought you the critically acclaimed Top 10 iPhone applications: Band, Guitarist, Organist, and Bassist.

[Note: As most people will already know, it is a good idea to reboot your iPhone/iPod every few days by holding down the power button for ten seconds. This will allow larger apps such as Pianist to continue to run correctly. This is not a fault of the application.]

All our updates are, and will continue to be, free.



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