HiKaChan Hiragana Japanese

HiKaChan Hiragana Japanese$2.99 from Jacob K HiKaChan Hiragana Japanese

Travelling to Japan for the first time?
Ever wanted to Learn to read Japanese, but didn’t know where to begin?

HiKaChan – Hiragana edition features:
• Custom drawn picture cards with great illustrations for each character, to help you learn and memorize the 46 characters of the Japanese Hiragana Alphabet as fast and easy as possible.
• All character combination possibilities and their readings.
• Explanations for the Ten-Ten (“) and ˚ character variations.
•Voice examples by native Japanese speakers, showing you how to pronounce each character.
• (New from version 1.3) Character quiz to test your memory of the individual characters.
• (New from version 1.3) Reading Comprehension quiz to test your word reading ability and put your newly learnt skills to use!
• (New from version 1.4) STROKE ORDER: Learn the correct way and order to draw characters, to not only make them look better, but also make them easier to remember.
• HiKaChan is COMPLETELY offline, meaning you don’t need a wi-fi connection and you can practice anywhere, anytime the mood strikes you!
• Free updates for life 🙂

• Completely offline, so you don’t need to pay usage fees.
• Uses visuals, mnemonics, sound examples and quizzing to help you remember the characters through instead of just showing you the character and leaving you on your own to find a way to learn it.
• Includes a word reading test to put your new skills to use

A valuable tool for the aspiring traveler/learner that not only is fun and easy to use, but actually works!

Test yourself with the built in Hiragana quiz to see which characters you have memorized and which need more practicing as well as what percentage of questions you got right.

Or use the Reading comprehension quiz to test your reading ability and put your newly learnt Japanese skills to good use, at the same time as learning new words!

Make sure to check out the newly released Katakana edition as well if you enjoy this product!

HiKaChan Hiragana JapaneseHiKaChan Hiragana JapaneseHiKaChan Hiragana JapaneseHiKaChan Hiragana JapaneseHiKaChan Hiragana Japanese


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