Shakespeare$0.00 from Readdle Shakespeare

A cooperative project between Readdle and, the free Shakespeare application puts the complete works of William Shakespeare literally at your fingertips.

:: Full, high-quality texts of 40 plays, also doubtful works such as Two Noble Kinsmen
:: All six poems and all 154 sonnets
:: Searchable concordance, search the complete works easily
:: Text resizer with a choice of seven sizes
:: Automatically remembers last page viewed for each work
:: Option to double-tap page down or scroll
:: Historic Shakespeare art for each play icon
:: Landscape mode hides menu bar for maximum reading area

If you’ve given the Shakespeare application anything less than a 5-star rating because it was missing a feature it now has or we have improved it to your liking, PLEASE ADJUST YOUR STAR RATING. To adjust your star rating, click on the “Write a Review” link.

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