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With approximately 350,000 users, WhosHere is ideal for making new friends, dating, professional networking, or just chatting and swapping pictures with new and interesting people nearby and around the world.

WhosHere helps you meet people near you with similar interests. It takes the chance out of the chance encounter! Simply fill out your profile and indicate the age and gender of the person you would like to meet.

Whether indoors or outside, on a bus, in a car, at home or in a bar, WhosHere will show you the people closest to you that match that description.

WhosHere’s proprietary search features almost always find someone matching your description and, as more people use it, the distances from you will get smaller and smaller. When you find someone you want to talk with you can text message them within WhosHere itself. There are no SMS fees and there is absolutely no need to give out your phone number, email or IM address. That is unless you want to…and meet that new friend or special someone in person.

Please write us with your suggestions and feedback at feedback@myRete.com.

31 March 2009

To our current users,

Testing for the next version of WhosHere is underway. And, if you haven’t upgraded to WhosHere v0.99c, we definitely recommend the upgrade to WhosHere 0.99c. The navigation is significantly improved and there are a lot of new features (see below).

. Check us out on Facebook (myRete.com/fb)

. Follow-us on Twitter (twitter.com/WhosHere)

If you have suggestions on feature improvements or believe something is not working properly, we encourage you to write us at feedback@myRete.com. We try to answer every email we get.

Go to myRete.com for more details about WhosHere.



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