8 Balloons

8 Balloons$1.99 from KEN DAO 8 Balloons

Inflate ANIMAL BALLOONS in your iPhone! It’s easy and fun.

In this family friendly App, inflate animal shaped balloons by blowing air towards your iPhone’s microphone! You and your friends, not to mentioned children of all ages, will be amazed at seeing a balloon inside your phone inflating and turn into an animal shape when you physically blow air towards your iPhone’s microphone.

Some of the shapes will definitely surprise you!

Make sure to show your children, nieces, nephews and/or any one you may encounter and watch their reaction. It’s priceless!

iPod Touch Note: Blowing only works with ipod touch 2nd generation with mic headphone.

• Blow air towards the iPhone microphone to inflate balloons
• Each balloon has unique style of inflation
• Auto inflate button for iPod Touch without mic
• 8 animal shaped balloons in various colors: Bear, Bird, Cat, Dog, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Pig & Rabbit.
• Tilt and watch Balloon float after inflation

Also see my other blowing App named: aPinWheel

8 Balloons8 Balloons8 Balloons8 Balloons8 Balloons


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