newtonica player (Free)

newtonica player (Free)$0.00 from Fieldsystem Inc. newtonica player (Free)

Application Update (ver. 2.0)
A one of its kind music player, “newtonica player” is a free application featuring the unique iPhone/iPod Touch game “newtonica”. The application has topped 200,000 downloads since its release and has now been updated with additional sounds.

“newtonica player” is designed to play the minimal techno tracks composed by Kenji Eno for the “newtonica” game. All of the tracks were specifically re-mastered for this application and as a music player, players can tap the center sphere to play music and add percussion. By tapping on the four pads at the bottom or the logo, you can join in on the music-making fun!

For a limited time only, you can download the “newtonica” game for US$2.99.

If you haven’t tried the game, now is your chance!


newtonica player (Free)newtonica player (Free)newtonica player (Free)newtonica player (Free)newtonica player (Free)


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