BillMinder$1.99 from return7 BillMinder

What some others said about BillMinder:
 – This is a solid Application. I absolutely love it!.
 – Helps me keep track of all of my bills. Great app!
 – Hands down the best bill manager on the App Store!
 – The only one I’ve found that I feel justifies the price.
 – Does its job well
 – Simple and well designed, perfect for use on the iPhone

BILLMINDER IS ON SALE FOR 33% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! BillMinder 1.5 will bring a lot of new features (and a surprise)! Please buy BillMinder on sale NOW before we raise the price!

YOU should use every tool you can to help yourself through these difficult economic times. We designed BillMinder, the simplest and BEST bill tracker on the entire App Store, to help you take charge of your bills. BillMinder helps manage your bills and alerts you when they’re due.

Using BillMinder is no substitute for personal responsibility BUT BillMinder WILL help you minimize or eliminate late charges since it allows you to enter due dates, the amount due, whether or not a bill has been paid, confirmation numbers, account numbers, and more.

BillMinder also supports recurring bills! Since bill information is sensitive, BillMinder includes password protection for your convenience!

Trust us when we tell you that BillMinder is the best 3 bucks you’ll ever spend.

BillMinder features:
– Automatically adjusts currency symbol based on locale (“Region Format” in international settings on iPhone)
– PASSWORD PROTECTION! (Don’t forget your password!)
– Alerts! BillMinder alerts you when bills are past due or nearing their due dates (open BillMinder for it to update the icon on your iPhone – this is a limitation of the iPhone SDK)
– Variable periods for recurring bills
– Manages collector information (name, phone number, notes and website)
– Manages bill information including paid/unpaid, amount, date, recurring period, account number, and confirmation number
– Calls collectors directly or loads website in Mobile Safari
– Calculates monthly totals including paid and unpaid
– Supports international currencies (shows appropriate currency symbol based on region selected on your iPhone)

– Paid date
– Paid amount
– Color coded categories!
– Integration with PocketMoney for iPhone
– UI improvements to make BillMinder even easier to use
– Custom recurring periods (e.g. 28 days)

Future plans:
– Backup/Restore
– and more.. 🙂

Tip: Go to Settings to specify how early you’re alerted about upcoming due dates.

Tip: Check collector history to see all of the bills associated with a collector! (check out the sample collector to see a sample bill)

See for info on releases.

Need help? Please post at or email us! We try to respond quickly and appreciate FAIR reviews on features we advertise!

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If there is one thing in the world that almost all of us hate to do it has to be paying the bills. Luckily there is an app out there to help take the sting out of the process. When you open BillMinder you are greeted with a page that


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