Expenses – budget organizer

Expenses - budget organizer$1.99 from Petr Jankuj Expenses - budget organizer

Everybody needs to see from time to time where their money is flying out. For such people, Expenses is the perfect application. Unlike other apps, Expenses have cool interface which is really easy to use. After launch you will see all your expenses in one page, so you don’t have to scroll anywhere. If you want to add expense, just press row in table and type a value. That’s all !

If you want to process your financial data on your Mac or PC, you can email the whole history and open it in Excel or Numbers.

Budget features:
Maybe you want to control your finance more precisely. Right for you is here budget function. Enable it in settings, type your budget and you will see how much money you have available for your shopping.

—Main features:—
– Fast and easy using
– Dynamic graph showing costs in percent
– up to 14 categories, remove old category or add new
– Simple data sending by email
– Support all currencies according iPhone Regional Format
– Rotate iPhone to show financial history
– shows also percentage expenses
– Password protection
– you can add note to your expense
– budget feature
– delete bad entry by swiping over row in table
– support English, German, French and Czech

Thanks for buying

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Expenses - budget organizerExpenses - budget organizerExpenses - budget organizerExpenses - budget organizerExpenses - budget organizer


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