Peg Solver

Peg Solver$0.00 from Ken Development Peg Solver

Learn how to always win! Peg Solver teaches you step by step how to always get down to 1 peg from any starting peg!

To use: Simply pick your starting peg and use the right arrow to see the moves to memorize. Tap the game board to see the jump. Tap again to put the peg back. If you miss something you can always use the back arrow.

-This is not the game, this teaches you how to beat the game.

Peg SolverPeg SolverPeg Solver

Offerte del giorno su AppStore (17/01)
Ecco una lista di applicazioni offerte GRATUITAMENTE per un periodo limitato di tempo. Sidepod Poker Odds (poker calculator); Fart Cushion (peti…) Repeat (gioco di memoria); I LUV 2 FART! (altri suoni…) Peg Solver (bel gioco di logica)


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