Spell Check

Spell Check$0.99 from Achoom Spell Check

Spell Check is a Spell Checker and a Dictionary. It requires no internet connection!

·Best of iTunes 2008 (Utilities)
·Top 100 (Overall Paid Apps) and as high as #27

· Simple and useful. 🙂 Not one of those apps you download and never use. 🙂
· #1 in my iTouch. Love It!!! Now I have a dictionary everywhere I go!
· Great update!! I use this app all the time. Perfect!
· This is the best app I’ve used.
· Awesome new look + history! Enough to drag me into writing a review. Great job guys. 5 stars.
· This app is the best you can buy! … this should be $5 and if it was, I would still buy it!
…and many more!

Thank you for all the great reviews!
Email us at robarson@gmail.com

Spell CheckSpell CheckSpell Check

All-time best iPhone apps: Top 100, part 2
We knew yesterday’s run down of the first 50 in our all-time best iPhone apps: Top 100 wouldn’t be enough. You’re back for more, and we’ve got loads! The second half of our top 100 iPhone apps isn’t lower quality than the first half.


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