Square Master

Square Master$1.99 from Dan Bourque Square Master

The popular Square Master game is now available for iPhone and iPod touch!

The goal is to move the blue square to the bottom-center position. It may seem easy, but the minimum number of moves to win is 126 (in the most difficult levels), which is about the same as the Rubik’s CubeĀ®. Be forewarned, it’s highly addictive and very challenging. This is an excellent logic exercise for players of all levels.

You can now submit your score online to the social network for the game! You can also link your score to your online profile if you have one, so that people can find out more about you, send you messages, and much, much more! The website even has an interactive map of other users around the world.
http://SquareMasters.com (plural)

You can select the level of difficulty from very easy (requiring a minimum of 10 moves) to very difficult (requiring a minimum of 126 moves). The game contains over 50,000 different starting layouts, so the game will remain challenging forever. You can see your proficiency for each level, and jump right to those you haven’t quite mastered yet.

If you get stuck, you can use the game’s sophisticated AI to reveal the next best move. These hints appear on the game pieces and are continuously updated as you play.

– Automatic game saves
– 116 levels of game play
– Selectable skins *(see note)
– Over 50,000 layouts
– Optional elapsed time & moves counter
– Highly addictive
– No login or signup needed to submit your score
– Listen to iPod music while you play; Square Master doesn’t stop your music

9 out of 10 at AppCraver!
“Square Master is a grade ‘A’ game.”
Read the full review at http://www.appcraver.com/square-master

4.5 out of 5 at AppStoreApps!
“Square Master is a great example of how an application should be developed for the iPhone.”
Read the full review at http://www.appstoreapps.com/square-master

Square MasterSquare MasterSquare MasterSquare MasterSquare Master


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