Supersize Me – ZumoDrive

Supersize Me - ZumoDrive$0.00 from Zecter Inc Supersize Me - ZumoDrive

SUPERSIZE your iPhone so you can bring all your music, photos and documents with you!

It no longer matters that you have just 8 or 16 GB of storage on your iPhone. Supersize Me from ZumoDrive lets you put any amount of media from your Macs or PCs on your phone, so you’ll never again have to choose what to bring with you. Browse through and play your whole music library. View your entire updated photo archive as it grows. Read all your files including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF at any time. Supersize Me delivers a fantastic, fun experience whether you’re connected via Wifi, 3G or EDGE!

Supersize Me is regularly $4.99 but is available for a brief time for FREE. Take advantage of this limited introductory offer and get Supersize Me now.

You’ll use ZumoDrive on one or more of your Macs or PCs to add your content to Supersize Me on your iPhone. We’ll help you register for the ZumoDrive service if you’re not already a user. You’ll get 1 GB of storage in ZumoDrive for FREE, and you can choose to pay for more space at any time. Everything you put in ZumoDrive is protected with encryption and stored safely on redundant servers so you will never lose it. If you’ve used Air Sharing, Simplify Media, Dropbox, SugarSync,, Wuala, Lala, Pandora, or Soonr, you’ll love Supersize Me from ZumoDrive.

Supported formats on the phone:
* Document: MS Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), PDF, RTF, TXT, and more.
* Music: Streams MP3 and AAC. Playlist support coming soon.
* Photos and Images: Automatic album organization for JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more.

Supersize Me - ZumoDriveSupersize Me - ZumoDriveSupersize Me - ZumoDriveSupersize Me - ZumoDriveSupersize Me - ZumoDrive

IMG_0021.png 本日のAppleCLIPの別冊AppBankで「ZumoDrive」なるアプリが紹介されていました。ちょっと気になったので早速ダウンロード。今ならまだ無料!! ダウンロードから設定まで、詳しいことはAppBankのレビューをどうぞ

Increase your iPhone storage with Supersize Me and ZumoDrive
Post from: iPhone in Canada Blog: Tips, Tricks, and News for Canadian iPhone Users. Increase your iPhone storage with Supersize Me and ZumoDrive. Ever found it a problem that your iPhone had 8GB or 16GB of storage? Ever needed more?

『Supersize Me – ZumoDrive』 App Store価格:無料(価格は記事掲載時点のものです) いきなり私事で恐縮だが、筆者はふだん、マックのデスクトップをメインに据え、外出先ではウィンドウズノートPC、移動中はiPhone 3Gといった具合に、マシンを使い分け

Free app ZumoDrive lets you transfer files to iPhone without sync
ZumoDrive is a free app just recently released on the App Store which works in tandem with a downloadable desktop client (Mac OS X or Windows) to let you easily move and use files between your desktop, your laptop, and your iPhone.

Surprize Me-Zumo Drive(今のところ無料). 一日1アプリ最近まったくできてない、、、。それというのもここにきてなんやかやと便利そうなアプリやらwebサービスやら目白押しで、検証ついて行かないかんじなんですよね。

Access Your Files Everywhere With Zumo Drive
Over the past few years it has become more and more important to people to be able to access the information and data need when ever and where ever they need it. Due to this need a number of new technologies have emerged that are

まずはZumo Drive. 使い勝手的にはMacが無きゃ使えないw. 「あ〜このアプリもか・・・」ってつぶやいてしまったw. iPhoneから写真をアップロードできるようにしてくれれば. かなり便利なんですけど. その便利な部分が無いから閲覧しかできない

ZumoDrive Updated: PRICING, AAC, iPhone App (Giveaway Inside)
Click the image to open in full size. Back in January we covered ZumoDrive Beta cloud storage and then showed a first look of their iPhone App. As of earlier this week ZumoDrive has gone form beta to public and made some major updates

ZumoDrive available for iPhones, netbooks
After being in a private trial stage for some time, ZumoDrive decided it’s about time to go public. As a result, their “Supersize Me” application is now available for the iPhone and netbook users. Yap, netbooks are also there for a

Aumenta la capacidad de tu iPod Touch/iPhone con ZumoDrive
ZumoDrive es un nuevo servicio de “almacenamiento en nube” que te permitirá sincronizar, almacenar y acceder a archivos desde distintos dispositivos como, PC, Mac e iPhone. Una de las características que hacen diferente y especial a


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