Collage$0.99 from JOHN MOFFETT Collage

Go to to see a YouTube demo video.

Pinch, rotate, stretch, and move photos from your photo album. Switch to black and white or sepia. Add transparency. Cut out any shape. Spice up your wallpaper or amuse your friends. Create a masterpiece with Collage.

– “Minority Report”-like interface
– Zoom, rotate, and move pictures
– Add transparency
– Change to sepia or black and white
– Cut out custom shapes
– Landscape or portrait mode
– Add frames to photos
– Multiple background colors
– Save to photo album in high-res (960 x 640) and email to friends or set as your wallpaper

Here’s a ten-second tutorial:
Click the + to import a photo. Use the scissors tool to crop out a custom shape. Use two fingers to stretch and rotate. Click “Auto Layout” to arrange your photos in a pre-defined layout. Click save to send the collage to your photo album. Double-tap to show/hide the toolbar.

You can change some default settings by going into the device’s Settings application and scrolling down to Collage.

Tips from users:
– See what your kid would look like by adding a picture of yourself and your significant other and adjusting the transparency to about 50%
– Give someone a gigantic head by cropping it out then stretching it
– You can save a collage, then add to it by importing it later (make a collage of collages!)

Check out some cool collages created by one of our users at


Review: Collage fürs iPhone
Mal wieder hat es eine nützliche Fotoapplication in den Appstore geschafft. Collage macht genau was der Name schon sagt und dies auf einfache Art und Weise. Der erste Schritt beginnt mit der Farbauswahl für den Hintergrund,

iPhone Photography App Watch (March 1, 2009)
Collage – Pinch, rotate, stretch and move your images from you photo album. Switch color photos to black and white or sepia. Add transparency and more. Cost: $0.99. === #iphone.

Collage(Get). 例えば、ゴルフのスイングの連続写真とか、同じテーマの写真というような、複数枚の写真を1枚にまとめたいというときに、まさにベストなアプリがこのCollage。 起動画面。メニュー左にある「プラス」アイコン。ここから編集したい画像を


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