Step Cal, the pedometer

Step Cal, the pedometer$0.99 from Must Have It Step Cal, the pedometer

A great opportunity to determine your running speed, amount of steps you´ve done reaching your working place, burned calories after a walk, was it the same as that piece of cake you´ve eaten before? Right now you can control these events with Step Cal…

Step Cal counts your steps and estimates the distance you walk. You can set your step length manually or have Step Cal guess it from your height. You can switch between English and metric measurement units by tapping on the “km/h” / “mph” label.

You can also set your weight and Step Cal will estimate the number of calories that you burn while walking or jogging.

If you wish, Step Cal will give you acoustic signals after a number of steps, a distance, a number of calories burned, or a time interval of your choice.

You can use the music player on your device at the same time as Step Cal.

The application has its own screen lock because normal screen lock will block the motion sensor of the device as well. For this reason, normal screen lock should not be used.

In order to get as accurate estimations as possible, keep the device close to your body, e.g., in your pockets. Although it works quite well even if you keep the device in your hands, results can degrade if you shake or turn the device. Step Cal has been optimized in order to provide as exact estimates as possible.

Please understand, however, that the accuracy of the estimates is limited. Estimates of step length and calories burned are according to statistical averages. The exact numbers depend on many individual factors which cannot be taken into account by an application that is easy to use. Thus, estimates may be not exact in your case.

Step Cal is not intended for professional use.

Please address questions and comments to This is where I can answer.

Step Cal, the pedometerStep Cal, the pedometerStep Cal, the pedometer


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