SugarSync$0.00 from Sharpcast, Inc. SugarSync

Introducing the first true “push file sync” iPhone application.

Never be without a file when you need it. SugarSync gives you 24/7 access to all your PCs and Macs, even when they are turned off. View and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint & PDF files, as well as your entire photo collection and music library. With its push sync technology, as soon as you save a new file or edit an existing file on your computer, the changes are instantly synced with your iPhone or iPod Touch. So you always have access to your current documents – no cables required!

This app works in conjunction with the SugarSync desktop software for Macs and PCs which automatically backs up your files online and organizes them for easy access on the Web and from your iPhone or iPod Touch. After downloading the SugarSync iPhone App, you must also download and install the desktop software on all the computers you use (no limit). All downloads are available at

If you are not already a SugarSync subscriber, sign up for a 45 day free trial.



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