March 1, 2009

Dukes'War$0.99 from Fernando Pereira Dukes'War

Dukes’ War is a classic napoleonic wargame, allowing you to control your duchy’s forces of infantry, cavalry and artillery and try to solve, once and for all, those nasty border arguments with your neighbor!

But if you take too long, someone might show up and intervene in your little local war…

You win the war by conquering your enemy’s capital.

To attack a unit, just move into their position BUT what you see might not be the complete information… if there is more than one unit in the same location, the strongest one will defend first. A unit that loses a fight will try to retreat and the winning unit will advance (except if it is artillery).

Infantry units are good at defense, the other ones good at attack. Careful: cavalry units are bad attacking a city… you might need artillery to conquer a capital.

You have both replacements to replenish units that have suffered casualties (automatically done, based on the territory you control) and recruitment points to buy new units.

Please send any suggestions and/or problems that you might have found to fpapps@gmail.com.

Quick Explanations:

It uses NATO symbols for the units: 1 dot is artillery, 1 line is cavalry and 2 crossed lines is infantry.
Map: you control the territory and forces marked with an ‘N’ (North Duchy).
How to win: capture your enemy’s capital. You also get victory points by conquering territory and destroying enemy units.
Move and Combat: in the movement tab, you select the unit you want to move; moving to an enemy (‘S’) square with enemy units will cause a combat.
Recruit New Units: you receive 1 recruitment point each turn; in the recruitment tab you can use it plus accumulated points to recruit new units – it will only display those you can afford.
End Turn: you can end the turn in the Game tab. All the movement points are reset.
Note: several units can be stacked in the same position and they can be hidden in the map view! Happy Fighting!”;


Metro Melbourne

March 1, 2009

Metro Melbourne$0.00 from NCM Dev Metro Melbourne

Detailed timetable information for the Melbourne(Australia) public transport system.

– Favorites. Save your favorite line and stop and access them by a single tap.
– Support of all scheduled Trains, Trams, Buses and VLine.
– Find your next five or more transports for each direction departing from a stop.
– Find the closest stop, and get direction on how to get there.
– Check latest service updates and cancellations.
– View the train & tram line map

If you have any issues please email our support address, shown in iTunes.

Not in Melbourne? Metro Perth is Now Available! Search for ‘Metro Perth’ in the App Store, or look at other applications by this author.


Metro MelbourneMetro MelbourneMetro MelbourneMetro MelbourneMetro Melbourne


March 1, 2009

Photogene$2.99 from Omer Shoor Photogene

Photogene is about improving your digital photos and having fun while at it.
This intuitive, easy to use application offers a comprehensive set of professional editing tools:
– Crop. Fixed aspect ratios are optional.
– Sharpen.
– Levels histogram. Manually or automatically correct color distribution, improving brightness and contrast at the same time.
– Gama correction (midtones).
– Separate exposure and contrast sliders.
– RGB balance.
– Saturation. Increase or decrease hues intensity in your picture. B/W effect can be reached.
– Color temperature. Correct unnatural colors by adding warmth or coolness to the image.
– Straighten for a tilted image.
– Rotate and mirror.
– Special effects, such as pencil, sepia or heat-map
– Frames.
– Text bubbles of different styles, colors and fonts (just drag and place them wherever you like).
– Multiple undo-redo and reset buttons. You can use these features to compare between origin and result.
– Take photos from within the application.

Photogene received PC Magazine editor choice award and was picked by iLounge magazine as one of the best 100 iPhone apps.

Edit your photo, go artistic or be playful. Photogene enables it all in one program.

It’s not just a one time app. Photogene fulfills a wide range of your editing needs and we keep updating it.
See our website for some ideas of what you can do with this app. Also check the tutorial and frequently asked questions section.

Changes are fast and immediate and the features are continuously available on screen. You can navigate easily among the different tools.

The app allows you to zoom in and out and move the picture around, without damaging the editing work. Landscape editing is supported.

When satisfied, save to your photo library for later use (such as emailing or uploading to your favorite sites). Photogene preserves the resolution of photos taken with the iPhone camera.



March 1, 2009

Ambiance$2.99 from Matt Coneybeare Ambiance

*** Ambiance 2.0 Introductory Sale ***
Get Ambiance for only $2.99 ($4.99 regular price) for a limited time to celebrate the release of Ambiance 2.0!

If you are looking for the original Ambiance version, search for “Ambiance Classic”

* Ambiance is currently featured in every Apple store!
* Ambiance has been featured in MacWorld Magazine!
* Ambiance is one of the iLounge top 100 apps!
* As seen on ABC News, Ambiance has tons of new and Amazing features!

Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep? Tried to relax in a noisy airport? Read a book in a crowded coffee shop? Get work done in a rowdy office?

Ambiance is an “environment enhancer” designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to focus or relax. You can choose from hundreds of free sounds, exclusive to Ambiance, to download and listen to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, wake up to relaxing sounds and more! Get Ambiance or Ambiance Lite from the iTunes App store, and create your own Ambiance!

* Over 300 FREE Ambiance Exclusive Sounds to choose from
* New Sounds added constantly.
* Only download the sounds YOU want, for FREE
* Create unlimited custom sound mixes that have individual volume controls
* Cycle-mode crossfades between sounds on your playlist
* Shuffle mixes up your playlist
* Choose favorites so you can find sounds easily later
* Use custom image backgrounds with your camera or photo library, or use the custom image attached to each sound.
* Use the alarm mode to fall asleep and wake up gently
* Categorize your sounds in groups that you can use as playlists
* Create a free Ambiance Account to download unlimited free sounds.
* 5 Example sounds come included.
* Find Hundreds of sounds, from White Noise static to French Cafes, from Binaural Beats to Farm Sounds, choose any sound to help you Easy Relax or fall aSleep.

*** Try Ambiance risk free! ***
Search for “Ambiance Lite” and try out Ambiance for free!

ATTN: iPod Touch Users and Upgraders:
Ambiance 2.0 has 5 included sample sounds — after that, you can download as many free sounds from the server as you want — if you have an internet connection. If you do not have access to a wifi connection, you will not be able to get new sounds on your iPod until you do.

Download Speeds:
Like every app, download speeds are greatly affected by your connection (edge, 3g or wifi). Edge downloads might take a little longer, 3g is faster and wifi is blazing fast to download sounds in Ambiance.

The new Ambiance requires the setup of a free account, but please know that we hate spam too! In the user agreement, it specifies that we will not even use your email with partners, only for important Ambiance announcements. You can also choose to unsubscribe after the initial validation email.



March 1, 2009

BookShelf$7.99 from Zachary Bedell BookShelf

A multi-format ebook reader for iPhone and iPod Touch.

**** On sale for the month of March. It’s the author’s birthday, so you get BookShelf for less!

Read your own ebooks or discover new titles for free!

Access thousands of free books — from the classics of literature to the newest Creative Commons licensed SciFi. BookShelf downloads free books from FeedBooks.com right on your iPhone. Access your purchased WebScription.net books or choose from the Baen library of dozens of free SciFi titles. Load many types of files from your own computer over your WiFi network.

BookShelf supports ebooks in plain-text, HTML, Palm (see below), FB2, and several other formats (see the website for an up-to-date list). Using the included ShelfServer, e-books with pictures and clickable links are transferred from your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer over WiFi. Books are automatically compressed and optimized for best display on the iPhone’s small screen. Even large, multi-megabyte e-text files open and display in seconds. Create named bookmarks to keep your place in any file type, and customize font and color themes for maximum comfort. Navigate through links in files and open website and email links in Safari or Mail.

Downloading e-book files:

A WiFi network is required to transfer books between your iPhone and your home computer. See http://www.iphonebookshelf.com to download the free ShelfServer application (Java 1.5 or newer required). Books may also be downloaded from online ShelfServers like the WebScription.net SciFi library or from FeedBooks.com directly on your iPhone over WiFi or cellular data connection.

New in version 2.0, some Palm OS files can be downloaded directly on your iPhone using Safari without the need for the ShelfServer application. Direct downloading requires a special “bookmarklet” saved in your Safari bookmarks list from your computer. See the website for details and to get the bookmarklet.

Reading in Airplane Mode is no problem. No Internet connection is required once books are transferred.

PalmOS Format Support:

Supported Palm etext formats currently include Plucker, PalmDoc (Aportis), and many non-DRM (non-encrypted) Mobi files. Most purchased Mobi files including those from mobipocket.com or Kindle will NOT work. Anything which required a “PID” or “reader ID” at time of purchase will not work. Notably, purchased Mobi files from Webscription.net and the Baen Free Library DO work fine. Support for the newer “HuffDict” compression format in Mobi files is limited. Many HuffDict files work fine, but some display with visible HTML tags and other artifacts. Other PDB and PRC file types including iSilo and eReader are NOT supported at this time.

Getting help:

Be sure to checkout the website (www.iphonebookshelf.com) for instructional videos and tutorials. Email support@iphonebookshelf.com or use the support forums on the website if you need any help.