March 2, 2009

eMood$4.99 from Russell Gray eMood

Gain insight into, and take control of your mood.

Influence the moods of those around you, through the subtle (but powerful) use of color psychology.

Based on years of studies in color therapy, get the most accurate mood calculator/enhancer available.

eMood is the definitive source for color/mood management on the iPhone. Use eMood to dress up for a date, set the tone in certain areas of your house, and to aid in choosing color schemes for all your logo/website/(insert anything you like in here!) designs.


Car Spotter

March 2, 2009

Car Spotter$0.99 from GP Apps Car Spotter

What users are saying about Car Spotter:
 The GPS is fast and very accurate. The recent improvements are good. I have deleted all of the other GPS apps and kept this one…
 Looks like a winner.

Car Spotter has every feature imaginable to help find your parked car. (Recommended for iPhone 3G only due to GPS functionality.)

Car Spotter uses the iPhone’s highly accurate GPS to save the location of your parked car and gives you tons of extras to help you find your way back every time. Car Spotter is your car’s best friend!

1. One-touch button to save the GPS location of your car.
2. Built-in timer
3. Built-in camera and photos log
4. Built-in audio recorder
5. Built-in text notes section
6. Options to adjust accuracy, map type, map view, and zoom level

Why use Car Spotter over Maps or other car finding apps?
1. Super easy to use, just open and click!
2. Option for super accurate pin-point spotter. It’s more accurate than anything else out there!
3. Settings to control accuracy of pin-drop
4. Zoomed in hybrid view to find your car.
5. History log of past spots.
6. All the extras! With notes, audio, pics, and timer, you can’t go wrong.

Suggested Settings:
– Parking Lot: Best Accuracy, Hybrid Map Type, Super Zoom (not available for Original iPhone)
– Street Parking: 100 or 500 Accuracy, Hybrid Map Type, Normal Zoom
– Normal Map View: Follow your blue dot toward your car for short distances.
– Directions Map View: Get street by street directions to your car for long distances.
– Note: to get directions, you must set your settings button from Car Spotter. Maps will not allow you to find directions once Maps is already launched.

Car SpotterCar SpotterCar SpotterCar SpotterCar Spotter

GPS-Apps: Wenn das iPhone den Weg kennt
Ausgestattet mit einem dem GPS-Modul bietet das iPhone eine fantastische Spielwiese für diverse Location Based Services. Ob es nur darum geht, den Weg, Blitzeranlagen oder auch das eigene Auto zu finden: alles scheint möglich.

xoCal – Calendar

March 2, 2009

xoCal - Calendar$1.99 from eNATAL LLC xoCal - Calendar

Finally, a flexible, quick, and easy-to-use calendar for the rest of us!

The built-in Calendar app is a great multi-function appointment calendar, but it is way too much and way too complicated if you just want to mark a day as “special”. And if you want to mark a series of days as special, Calendar becomes painful to use. xoCal lets you effortlessly mark any day, or even a series of days, as important without struggling with an endless parade of screens, fiddling with on-screen keyboards, or tapping buttons one after another.

You can mark any special day with just ONE tap with xoCal! If you want to “circle the day” as extra special, then just double-tap on the day. And if you want to mark several days in a row, just sweep your fingertip across those days. That’s it! No other screens, no keyboards, no buttons, and no pain!

And to make xoCal even more useful, you can pick six colors for the Xs and Os and assign each color your own special meaning (e.g. green for holidays, blue for sick days, purple for massage appointments, etc.).

xoCal is amazing for keeping track of your work schedule or those “special” days. You can use xoCal to make sure you do something every day or note the days that you don’t intend to do anything (e.g. vacations, days off, etc.). You can decide what days are important to you, how you mark them, and what color they are to note anything with xoCal.

COMMENT ABOUT REVIEWS: xoCal has been purchased by thousands of happy and satisfied users. We also very much appreciate user suggestions for future enhancements to xoCal. However, regarding loss of marks and unreliability in several of the reviews, there has NOT been even one support email reporting loss of calendar marks nor have we found any evidence of unreliability in our testing. If there truly was a reproducible bug or problem, we would correct it, and issue an update immediately. So, we would ask any customer that experiences a reproducible problem that they contact us at info@eNATAL.com.


– Tap a day to mark it with an “X”
– Tap a marked day to remove the “X”

– Double-tap a day to “circle the day”
– Double-tap any circled day to remove the circle

– Swipe right on the calendar to mark a series of days with an “X”
– Swipe left on the calendar to remove even one, or a series of marks OR circles

– Swipe up on the calendar to flip to the next month
– Swipe down on the calendar to flip to the previous month

– Swipe quickly, or slowly, right or left on the calendar header to quickly, or slowly, change months

– Swipe right or left on the daily information footer to change the mark color and your legend for the next Xs and Os

– Double-tap on the footer to return to the current day

– Tap on the padlock icon in the upper left corner to lock xoCal to prevent changes, and tap the icon again to unlock xoCal

– Tap on the information “i” icon in the upper right corner to edit your legends for the xoCal colors

Note: Only one X and one O can be marked for any date (e.g. there cannot be a blue X and a red X for the same date, but there can be a blue X and a red O for that date).

xoCal - CalendarxoCal - CalendarxoCal - CalendarxoCal - Calendar


March 2, 2009

CarTrack$3.99 from Richard Shearman CarTrack

US iTunes Users: Visit our website to see our current promotion
Application Languages: English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese

Take your car for a test drive and let your iPhone or iPod Touch show you the results.

CarTrack tells you real-time how fast you are going, how much acceleration (g-force) you are feeling and what your test time is. After the test, you can look at detailed, zoomable graphs of the entire test run. They measure horsepower and distance traveled, in addition to speed, acceleration and g-forces. All of them in metric units (meters, km/h) or imperial units (yards, mph) as you desire.

CarTrack can save your test runs so you can look at all the graphs and details again. Compare the test with your other runs – before and after tweaking your engine – or with your tests in other cars. A state-of-the-art calibration routine gives you maximum accuracy with any car mount you use to fix your device.

You can do a 0-to-60, quarter mile, 10 second and other types of test, or just keep recording until you hit Stop.
This is a full-featured application, made by a community of car enthusiasts!

Now at a REDUCED PRICE introduction offer.

– Real-time performance display: speed, forward and sideways acceleration monitor, top g-force of the run, time passed
– Auto-stop test runs: 0-60, 0-60-0, 0-100, 0-100-0, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1/4 mile
– Unlimited test run: monitor performance for as long as you wish
– Zoomable (to 3x) performance graphs: Speed, Acceleration, G-forces (front, back, right and left), Horse Power, Distance traveled
– Results reported in metric units (km/h, meters) or imperial units (mph, yards) as you desire
– Results can be saved for later review
– Memory for details of different cars
– Customizable interface, 5 themes included
– Uses the built-in accelerometers of the iPhone or iPod Touch, in ways comparable to what Dynolicious, Spore Origins and Super Monkey Ball do
– Fix your iPhone or iPod Touch in your car in any way you want
– High accuracy, boosted by a full calibration routine
– Free updates with new features
– Currently on introduction sale at REDUCED PRICE.

Visit the CarTrack website for more information: http://www.CarTrackApp.com/

Please email CarTrackApp@gmail.com for Technical Assistance and Queries


HTML Colors

March 2, 2009

HTML Colors$0.99 from Kevin White HTML Colors

If you have any suggestions for HTML Colors, please email me.

HTML Colors allows you to easily select and preview colors for use in a web page. This program is useful for web developers who want to experiment with colors for their web sites.

– Select Text or Background
– Use the sliders to change the color values for Red, Green, and Blue
– Use the “Sample Text” area to see how your colors work together
– Use the “Random” button (or the “I feel lucky link” on the main page) to get a random set of foreground/background colors

HTML color codes (in the #RRGGBB) format are displayed for the Text and Background colors you choose.

Future versions will include:
– Ability to save color sets for later use
– Ability to email color sets to other users
– Ability to choose between RGB sliders or RBB “pickers”

*** Thank you for the excellent suggestions… Keep them coming! I have some great updates planned based on user feedback.

HTML ColorsHTML ColorsHTML ColorsHTML ColorsHTML Colors

免费的iphone/touch 软件
Below are a few App Store apps that are currently on sale that you may want to check out. Magic Touch – “Magic Touch is a photo retouching application for iPhone and iPod Touch.” Magic Touch App Store Link

Metro Sydney

March 2, 2009

Metro Sydney$2.99 from NCM Dev Metro Sydney


Complete, essential, up to date public transport timetables for Sydney’s train, ferry and bus in your pocket.

– Favourites: Save your stops for quick access to departure information
– Over the air updates: Get the most up to date timetables as they are generated! No more waiting!
– Stop Search: Find your closest stops by searching by name, line, suburb or ID (Some suburbs data unavailable)
– Nearby Stops: Out and about somewhere new? Find your closest stops via GPS (Train only)
– Timetables: Browse all timetables by mode and line.
– Alterations: View live scheduled and unscheduled service alterations, so you know before you leave if your train is cancelled.
– Network Map: Pinch and drag around the network with built in maps.

All data is stored locally on the device, so it uses none of your data pack / cap when using favourites or stop search, only features that use data is Over the air updates and alterations. We recommend updating the timetables using the OTA feature while on a WiFi network for both speed and data usage reasons.

Why do I need this?
You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t have Metro on your iPhone. Departure, timetable and alteration information in your pocket, no more missing trains and waiting on platforms, no more leaving the pub unsure if you will make the last one home.

Timetables are regularly updated from CityRail and 131500 websites.


This suite of applications (Melbourne, Sydney and Perth) has been evolving since its release in August last year (not long after the App Store was announced). It started as something that we really wanted on our iPhones, and when originally released with just Trains lots of other people found it useful too.

It has grown to support multiple modes, and multiple perspectives on the timetable data. We are constantly trying to improve the App so if you find any problem please let us know.

Metro SydneyMetro SydneyMetro SydneyMetro SydneyMetro Sydney


March 2, 2009

Wikiamo$0.00 from Satoshi Nakagawa Wikiamo

Wikiamo is an intuitive, Safari-like Wikipedia viewer for your iPhone and iPod Touch. It shows articles on Wikipedia with custom formatting, so you can read it comfortably.

The good points of this application are:

・Page cache. It allows you to read articles offline.
・Multilingual incremental search.
・Table of contents.
・Links to the other languages.

Check the system settings application on your home screen, you will see some options of Wikiamo.

・Font size.
・Auto rotate.
・Shake to show a random page.
・Permanent page cache.
・Show search dialog on launch.
・Clear page cache on the next launch.

Page cache is alive in a week by default. If you enable the permanent cache option, it will never be cleared.

For developers, you can launch Wikiamo from your application by calling openURL with wikiamo://.

・To open a page:
・To search:

**** ATTENTION ****
I can’t provide support to people leaving reviews on App Store. There is no way to reply to you here. If you have a problem or suggestion, please send a mail to psychs@limechat.net.


[iPhoneプログラミング]URL schemeを使ってアプリを起動する
iPhoneではURL schemeを使ってアプリを起動(同時に引数を渡すことも可能)することができます。 公式のドキュメントはこちらになります。 iPhone Application Programming Guide: Customizing Your Application’s Behavior

[iPhone] 長期間使用されているiPhoneアプリをまとめてみました
先日、以下のエントリーでiPhoneアプリに関する質問をしてみました。 総額0ポイントで。あなたが長期間使用しているiPhoneアプリを教えてください。 ようやくまとめることが出来たので、以下に紹介します。 ★の数はアプリ名が出た時点ではカウントせ

5 ways to enhance your Wikipedia experience
Filed under: Utilities, Features, Productivity, Web services. Wikipedia is one of the most-visited sites on the Internet, for very good reason. If you’re like me, and Wikipedia is your starting point for research on any topic — and

<Windows Software> ■「ReNamerBeta (Feb,18) – 日本語化パッチ」公開(TiltStr::不定期版さん) 高機能なリネームツールReNamerを日本語化 ■「CPU-Z 1.50日本語化パッチ」公開(それさえもおそらくは平穏な日々さん) CPUに関する詳細な情報を表示

Wiki Apps List – 터치에서 위키를 검색하는 쉬운 방법
새학기가 곧 다가옵니다. 저는 이미 학교와 담을 쌓은지 10년이 다 되어 갑니다만, 이제 노트북이 없으면, 적어도 전자사전정도 없으면 공부하기 어려운 시대지요. 물론 ‘공부 잘하는 애들’ 은 그런거 상관 안할지도 모르겠습니다만, 세상의 지식은 우리

iPhone Fanを購入して2週間。毎日毎日読んでエアiPhoneを脳内で展開してましたがそろそろアウトプットしておかないと我慢の限界がきそうです。というわけで手元にiPhoneが戻ってきたときの防備録を兼ねてまとめてみます。

<Windows Software> ■「tsRenamer ver=0.07」公開(_Tmpbuf_さん) シンプルなリネーマー ■「HashCheck Shell Extension ver 2.1.5」公開(kTech Computingさん) ファイルのプロパティでCRC32/MD4/MD5/SHA1形式のハッシュ値を確認できるシェル拡張

[News] Featured in App Store 2009.01.05
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<Windows Software> ■「内骨格 ver 1.76」公開(craftwareさん) キーボードで操作する2画面ファイラ ■「ファイル名変更君β Ver 0.06β」公開(Distant Thunorさん) ファイル名・フォルダ名をまとめて変更するソフト

Aplicativos indispensáveis (e gratuitos) para iPod Touch
appstore. Foi-se o tempo em que iPod era apenas um player de música. Nascido apenas para tocar MP3, o aparelho da Apple com o tempo foi ganhando mais recursos, até chegar hoje como um quase-mini-computador-de-bolso: o iPod Touch.