Car Spotter

Car Spotter$0.99 from GP Apps Car Spotter

What users are saying about Car Spotter:
 The GPS is fast and very accurate. The recent improvements are good. I have deleted all of the other GPS apps and kept this one…
 Looks like a winner.

Car Spotter has every feature imaginable to help find your parked car. (Recommended for iPhone 3G only due to GPS functionality.)

Car Spotter uses the iPhone’s highly accurate GPS to save the location of your parked car and gives you tons of extras to help you find your way back every time. Car Spotter is your car’s best friend!

1. One-touch button to save the GPS location of your car.
2. Built-in timer
3. Built-in camera and photos log
4. Built-in audio recorder
5. Built-in text notes section
6. Options to adjust accuracy, map type, map view, and zoom level

Why use Car Spotter over Maps or other car finding apps?
1. Super easy to use, just open and click!
2. Option for super accurate pin-point spotter. It’s more accurate than anything else out there!
3. Settings to control accuracy of pin-drop
4. Zoomed in hybrid view to find your car.
5. History log of past spots.
6. All the extras! With notes, audio, pics, and timer, you can’t go wrong.

Suggested Settings:
– Parking Lot: Best Accuracy, Hybrid Map Type, Super Zoom (not available for Original iPhone)
– Street Parking: 100 or 500 Accuracy, Hybrid Map Type, Normal Zoom
– Normal Map View: Follow your blue dot toward your car for short distances.
– Directions Map View: Get street by street directions to your car for long distances.
– Note: to get directions, you must set your settings button from Car Spotter. Maps will not allow you to find directions once Maps is already launched.

Car SpotterCar SpotterCar SpotterCar SpotterCar Spotter

GPS-Apps: Wenn das iPhone den Weg kennt
Ausgestattet mit einem dem GPS-Modul bietet das iPhone eine fantastische Spielwiese für diverse Location Based Services. Ob es nur darum geht, den Weg, Blitzeranlagen oder auch das eigene Auto zu finden: alles scheint möglich.

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