HTML Colors

HTML Colors$0.99 from Kevin White HTML Colors

If you have any suggestions for HTML Colors, please email me.

HTML Colors allows you to easily select and preview colors for use in a web page. This program is useful for web developers who want to experiment with colors for their web sites.

– Select Text or Background
– Use the sliders to change the color values for Red, Green, and Blue
– Use the “Sample Text” area to see how your colors work together
– Use the “Random” button (or the “I feel lucky link” on the main page) to get a random set of foreground/background colors

HTML color codes (in the #RRGGBB) format are displayed for the Text and Background colors you choose.

Future versions will include:
– Ability to save color sets for later use
– Ability to email color sets to other users
– Ability to choose between RGB sliders or RBB “pickers”

*** Thank you for the excellent suggestions… Keep them coming! I have some great updates planned based on user feedback.

HTML ColorsHTML ColorsHTML ColorsHTML ColorsHTML Colors

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