Manifesto$1.99 from Mayor Justin Manifesto

A simple, efficient, and powerful news reader.

Manifesto is the best news/RSS reader on the iPhone.

Here is what iLounge had to say in their roundup of all iPhone RSS apps:

“Manifesto is a breath of fresh air: a robust, full-featured app missing only a couple of features.”

“Manifesto is one of the most usable RSS readers for the iPhone OS, with a clean, smart interface, flagging and offline viewing support, a variety of options from which to add new feeds, and a well-implemented built-in browser view.”

– Aggregate Views: At a glance see all of your new or flagged articles. There is no need to go through feed by feed to see what’s new or important
– Quick Flag: You’ve never flagged your important articles so quick. Just tap on the left margin of an article to flag or unflag it. Its never been quicker.
– Flagged Article Caching: Now that you’ve marked an article as flagged, wouldn’t it be great to have that article’s web page saved for offline viewing? Manifesto, by default, caches an article as soon as you flag it.
– Flip Web: Never leave Manifesto to view the web page for an article. With the touch of a button the article flips over to reveal its web page
– Share: Think an article is great and want your friends to check it out? With 2 taps you can email the link to your friends.
– Bulk Operations: Mark all as read. Mark all as flagged. It doesn’t get any easier.
– Easy Add: Easy and simple to add a new feed
– Auto-discovery: Use a website address, like, Manifesto automatically detects the location of the sites feed
– Google Reader Import: Have a bunch of feeds in Google Reader? Manifesto will let you import all or just a few of your feeds
– Feed URL: For those hard to find feeds, just enter in the full URL
– Editable feed names
– Supported Feed Formats: All versions of RSS, RDF and Atom.

Check out the website for a more detailed feature list.

Subscribe to the RSS feed on the Manifesto website to learn about future releases.



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