Pat Counter

Pat Counter$0.99 from Light Year Software, LLC Pat Counter

Pat Counter is the hands-free, discreet counting application. Once started, put your iPhone or iPod touch in your pocket and simply pat your hand against it to move the counter. Your phone will vibrate to let you know the count changed.

Instead of tapping buttons, Pat Counter monitors the front-to-back motion of the device. Shake it or give it a firm pat to increment the count. There is no need to keep the device in your hand or look at it. Focus on what you’re doing and let the phone keep a running count.

Includes high, medium and low sensitivity settings and vibration can be disabled.

Uses include tracking the number of people who walked through the door at an event, taking inventory of larger quantities of material or knowing how many times someone slipped into managementese in a meeting.

Pat CounterPat Counter


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